Moving to Erie...any psyche nurseing facilities?

  1. Hey folks,

    I'm thinking of starting CRNA school in Erie, Pa and was wondering if there are any psyche facilities around this part of the country for my wife to work at....

    thanks for the help

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  3. by   TemsMedic2
    Hey Andy,

    there are two hospitals in the Erie which operate behavior health units. The first is saint vincent health center. STV's is one of the larger hospitals in erie and I think the starting pay for RN's is around 22hr for people fresh out of school. I'm not sure if they they have weekend programs. The other facility is Millcreek Community hospital. They operate the smallest hospital in Erie, and are affiliated with the local med school (LECOM). In the past I know they operated weekend programs, with a starting pay of 30hr. However, you were required to work 2 12hr shift on the weekend at 30hr and pick up a 12hr during the week at 22hr. In my opinion, as far as behavioral health, both are decent places to work.