If I start off in psych as a new grad RN

  1. I just recently graduated and got my rn license and I've already got 2 nursing jobs my first job as a surgical rn in ny and my 2nd job psych nurse which is also my dream come true job my question/concern is this: if I ever want to go into pediatrics or neonatal care will I be able to go into those specialties granted I only have surgical/psych experience?Oh and I forgot to mention I also got an interview with PSA home healthcare coming up/perdiem job. What do you think?I thank you all in advance for all of your responses ))
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  3. by   ccoombs
    Neither of these specialties really prepare you for peds or neonatal. Working on the little ones is a niche specialty and so is OR and psych. Is there pediatric psych in you area? that may prepare you some, or trying to work the pediatric surgery cases. Your initial post seems like you are currently active in both jobs.
  4. by   NewGoalRN
    How did your interview with PSA go?