i was wodering if someone can help me?

  1. i have this question sheet, and theres 2 questions i'm stuck on and cant find the answer in my text anywhere... they are

    1) what are 2 examples of how a patients judgement could be examined

    2) perceptions describe what aspet of mental function?

    I've looked on the internet too (entering it in search) but havent found anything either) so i'm hoping one of u experts could help me out here.? I'm learning about the mental status examination process. I'm in school right now =)
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  3. by   Mary Dover
    Hi, In response to your first question:
    ask questions ie a) what would you do if you found a stamped, addressed envelope on the sidewalk?, and b) what would you do if you noticed a fire while you were in a movie theater?
    Pretty benign questions I know, but you may be surprised at the various responses you get.
    In an attempt to respond to your second question, which I'm not quite sure I understood correctly, my answer would be cognitive.
    Hope that helps.