I Feel Crazy

  1. I'm having a crazy.
    Help me if you can i'm feeling down.
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  3. by   renerian
    Rav I am sorry your feeling down today. Usually it passes in a day or so. Do you find that? Maybe you can do something fun to occupy your time.

    I saw on the news about the Solomom Islands near Australia. Are they ruled by or part of the Australian government?


  4. by   Rav_810
    I went out with a girl today i really like her don't know how to say it though, i'm scared to get rejected!!!
  5. by   CliveUK
    How old are you Rav?

    I'm a psyche nurse, not a relationships counsellor, heh.
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  7. by   zdatny
    As far as I know, the Solomon Islands are now an independent nation. I know they used to be administered from New Zealand, which is separate from Australia. Being out here in the isolated South Pacific, your nearest neighbors are part of your responsibility. Aus. has the infrastructure to coordinate the aid, along with NZ.
    Don't know how to help you Rav, but maybe you need to look in the mirror and do some assertiveness affirmations!
  8. by   Louie18
    What do you mean by "crazy?"