How much lifting on psych unit?

  1. I have a history of herniated disk in my back repaired with surgery, so I am very careful with everything I do. I am very interested in becoming a psych nurse. To work in a mental health clinic it looks like you need inpatient psych experience, understandably. I am wondering how much lifting there is on average on a psych unit. Thanks for any insight!
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  3. by   missnurse01
    I know in my hospital there is not much turning. Most of the inpt's are walky talky. However they often have code greys and have to restrain the pt...
  4. by   elkpark
    On average, not much; but there are times when you have to physically struggle with individuals (which can be much riskier, in terms of staff backs, than a planned turn or lift of a cooperative client in a bed) and lift individuals (off the floor, not out of a bed or wheelchair). Everywhere I've ever worked (on inpatient psychiatric units), nursing staff were required to meet the same physical requirements and expectations as staff everywhere else in the hospital for employment, and there were certainly plenty of situations in which heavy lifting was required.