How can u be biases???

  1. How can u ( anurse) be biases when performing an mental status examination? i'm doing this diagram for school and this question turned up.... i hope someone can help. I cant find any examples in my books
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    Statistically,in the UK, young black men with a psychiatric diagnosis tend to have more severe symptoms, and more medication prescribed, than average. This may be due to a misiterpretation of their cultural background, or to the perception of their "dangerousness" by the Nurse/Doctor. Is that the kind of thing you need?
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    Biases come up all the time. I find in psych nursing that more women are given borderline diagnosis then men. Men seem to be given different medications then women with the same diagnosis. ( ie. I find men are on Depakote more then women. Women are given more antidepressants then men.) Every doctor has a preference medication(s). Is that a bias? Is in my book. Hope this helps.....
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    your welcome hope I helped..... Vicki RN
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    yeppers!! made things clear