How can I change direction?

  1. Currently - I work on a child-adolescent psych unit. I really like the kids, its the staff I can do without. Not all - but some are real tough to deal with.
    My question is this - I have been thinking about going back to a more medically oriented environment - something like pediatrics or infertility nursing. I am worried I may have lost some of my skills, since in psych you don't use them as much. What is the best way to make this transition? Has anyone else left psych and found it to be really hard? I was thinking about taking a refresher class, but I feel sure someplace new will orient/teach me as needed. Is it just me or Do all psych Rns feel like they are losing some skills? I have not even had to take a blood pressure in months - unless I ask too. Any words of advice?
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