Hello, I am new to this forum...

  1. I just accepted a position of leadership at the State Correctional Mental facility.

    Prior to that I was an ER Manager, this is my first step into Psych nursing (other than what we saw in the ER which was considerable)

    I am hoping to find some good insight and information of this forum.
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  3. by   funinsun
    Hi RMW! Welcome to allnurses and to the psych forum! I hope that this site provides the information and insight you desire, it's a great community..
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    Welcome to the forum! This forum is full of information =)
  6. by   Olyvia
    me too!
    i was struck by your moving into corrections and mental health at the same time--brave soul, i say! the old corrections value to punish may well clash with a traditional psych value to support; hopefully, the circumstance you are in has moved forward. at the beginning of myshort lived "maximum security" experiences 30+ years ago, i didn't have a clue about the day to day presentations of the axis ii diagnoses. could have saved myself a lot of grief brushing up on the interaction of the axis i and iis!!! good luck in the new position!