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  1. hi all
    just about to start my first year as an RN after passing States in December. :spin: As part of the RN1 program I will do three rotations in the first year: a community placement, forensics, and Intellectual disability. Any advice to help me on my way.umpiron:
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  3. by   Morgan314
    What is RN1 program? On my first job after graduation, we had a few weeks orientation to help us learn our way around the hospital, policies, procedures, and paperwork, then we were assigned a unit and were expected to perform like the nurses who had been there for years. No such thing as preceptor or anything. I hope things have changed.
  4. by   Grumpleweed
    Hi Morgan

    Things have changed in NZ. RN1 is first year as a professional nurse. The theory is that you will be mentored during this transition period (though talking to some who were on the program catching up with your preceptorcan be difficult due to different shifts). The program that I am on is also combined with a post graduate diploma in Mental Health Nursing which will give me two papers towards my Masters at no cost.