Emotional Pain or Mood assessment

  1. I need a little help from the psych nurses. I have a request from the Behavioral Healthcare manager to find an assessment question/tool that rates emotional pain. I'm a Med/Surg CNS and use the 0-10 scale to rate physical pain....and I know that there are several distress inventories out there, because we use them for oncology....but is there a scale to measure emotional pain or distress on a per shift basis? She has the patients complete a distress inventory on admission and at discharge. She would like something to use for a measure each day or each shift. I hope the experts out there can point me in the right direction.
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    The 0-10 pain scale is a fair scale, but you can also supplement that too with a depression scale as well. I also work Med Surg and we have found that there can be significant comorbidity between pain and depression. In fact, certain diseases tend to rate high with depression, such as lung, heart and gastric illnesses. The Beck's Depression scale comes quickly to mind. Others may have some additional feedback.