Detox nursing duties

  1. I have a year med-surg exp with a couple months of acute inpatient psych in a hospital.

    I had many patients in med-surg on CIWA. Although they could be difficult I liked the autonomy of assessing and adjusting medications according to their withdrawl symptoms.

    Can anyone elaborate more on the duties of detox nursing? Are the admissions as difficult as other areas of nursing? How is the charting?

    My only experience in psych nursing was a night shift where rarely anything happened and the nights took forever.
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  3. by   ^Kiwi^
    Detox nursing involves just that, managing a person in detoxification of whatever drug, substance.
    usually this involves comprehensive assessment following with managing the patients symptoms, using a CIWA , and administrating medication according to the subjective and objective results.

    Also, what is the underlying cause? surely it involves some brief intervention A&D counselling, referrals to other services, and education, family involvement.

    Being able to identify and treat the underlying cause will often help prevent a relapse

    Good Luck
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  4. by   stepaukob
    Ok, it sounds like I adjust to a detox position with the experience i have. I like working with substance abuse clients, I just wanted to make sure the duties were similar. Thanks for the reply