Crisis assessment and intervention Nurses

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    I'm looking for information/insight into crisis assessment and intervention services. It's a field of nursing I've always been interested in but was apprehensive about going for. I've now plucked up the courage, and I'd be grateful for some insight into what one could/might expect to happen in the course of crisis nurses days work, from nurses working in this field ??.
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  3. by   sjoe
    Janey--see if you can do some shadowing to see what is like at the facility/program that interests you.
  4. by   sanakruz
    Here in the US there are always job for crisis nurse on acute psych wards, because the emphasis is on CRISIS STABILIZATION and short term hospital stays. In most hospitals you could also find a position on the assessment and referral team that places a person in crisis at the appropriate level of care. I personally find this unpleasant as you have little contact with the client but lots of contact with the phone, insurance company, police, social services,family, ( sometimes making you wonder why the person in crisis became the identified pt!) I do not like this part of the process at all.