Cedars Sinai closes all Psychiatric Units

  1. This is very discouraging for Psychiatric RNs in So. Cal. Cedars had a great psychiatric program. California is cutting back on all of their services for the mentally ill statewide now. I've lived here on and off my whole life, and things keep getting worse. I am a psychiatric RN, and have no Med Surg experience, so I am seriously contemplating a relocation to another state. How is Psych out there for my fellow RNs in other states? I'd really like to know, where you are working and what the climate is like for Psych RNs. Thank you so much.
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  3. by   magnoliophyte
    Perhaps you could look in to working for State/County facilities that handle patients undergoing court-ordered evals/treatments. That is the sort of place I work in...the job security is a little better since it's a necessary service and typically only a very small number of places per state/county are chartered to do this. The only thing to think about is the fact that since these places are almost 100% filled with involuntary patients, you have lots of very... uhm, unhappy campers. Hah.