Average Wage for Pyschiatric Nurse

  1. Hello All,

    I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Weekend! I am new to this forum, and have to say I am extremely glad I stumbled upon this website!! It makes for an extremely interesting read, and answers alot of questions I might of had a hard time finding otherwise.

    I have always been interesting in psychology and have been interested in going back to school but wasnt sure what I wanted to specialize in. Although money isnt everything I have become accustomed to earning a certain wage, and I'm interested to know how much a psychiatric nurse typical makes. I know its a pretty personal question, but I would appreciate your answers.


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  3. by   BLCaldwell
    My first time too..like everything else in nursing it depends on where you are....

    Here in Columbus, Ga..the pay is competitive with working on a med-surg unit.

    Where the $ gets better is if you are certified, advanced degree, or have lots of experience.