Ancc approved CE providers for renewal of RN-BC??

  1. My psychiatric mental health registered nurse certification expires this year I have to get to 75 continuing education hours I'm wondering if you know of approved providers that won't break the bank
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  3. by   chare
    CEUfast is an ANCC accredited provider of continuing nursing education, and provided unlimited access for 1 year for $30.00.
  4. by   elkpark
    Medscape offers lots of CE offerings for free.

    You didn't wait until the last minute to start working on 75 hours of CE, did you? You've had five years.
  5. by   nursingon
    I am aware i had 5 years. thanks. I have till November. I also completed an msn in those 5 years and was quite busy with other things like babies, houses and moves.
  6. by   h7armony
    Check it out, but you may be able to use some of your MSN hours toward the 75.
  7. by   nursingon
    That's what I was thinking because I took patho and I actually wrote a paper on depression and substance withdrawal CIWA and COWS . But I'm using my Capstone project for the second requirement. I guess it doesn't hurt to try if they don't approve it I can always add a few more hours
  8. by   SarahMaria has unlimited CE for $49.