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Psychiatric NP

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by Joyce24 Joyce24 (New) New Student

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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of going into the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program, but I wanted to know how competitive it is to get in? I was unable to find any information on Google or on any of nursing school websites. I wish to get into University of Maryland School of Nursing specifically, but I am open to other school suggestions as well if any of you have any.

By competitiveness, I mean GPA, number of seats/acceptance rate, etc. I would also appreciate if anyone can give me any tips to strengthen my application/resume/interview!

Thank you!

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adammRN has 11 years experience as a DNP and specializes in DNP/PMHNP 2020.

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So I am a year 3 DNP/PMHNP student in San Antonio. I know these things vary by location, but if there is one thing I have learned Psych specialty is very unpopular; total PMHNP in the US is around 12k... that is depressing. My school wound up not even having enough applicants for the track this year. We only have 4 in my cohort. With the provider stigmas and desperate need, I can't imagine you being unable to get accepted by several schools. I'm in one of the top 7 cities by population and - all of the mental health prociders know each other by name. LOL

I don't feel (as long as you passed NCLEX) and had like a 3.0+ any of those criteria mattered. Besides, when it comes to practice, experience is king. Let us know when you are accepted!

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