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Psychiatric NP Certification Review Courses

by mapnp2005 mapnp2005 (New) New

Can anyone recommend an excellent psychiatric NP certification exam review course or review materials? I understand that only 50% of test takers who took the exam between July and September 2004 passed this certification exam! I was also told that the only live review course for this specialty was not worth the money due to the poor to fair didactic and provided materials. Any suggestions from those of you who took and passed the ANCC psychiatric NP exam?


I took the test in Sept, 2004 and passed, I didn't know that pass rate was that low. I studied the ANCC Psych NP book back and forth, re-read as much as I could in Kapland and Sadock review of Psychiatry and answered their prep questions for psychiatry review. Then someone had a blue book for the Psych CNS exam, which was only ok to me, but I read some parts, until I was disagreeing with too many of their supposed answers to make it meanigful for me.

Hope that helps!!

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