Psych telehealth with supervision or training?

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hi there.  going to graduate soon from a pmhnp program and thinking of doing telepsych. as a new grad, does anyone have any experiences with telepsych practices where there is also good supervision or training? I plan to get licenses in california and nevada since I already have RN licenses there.  anyone has any experience working for a telepsych company that has good teaching, training, supervision when it's needed, esp for a new grad.  tysm. 

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Ultimately you would need to speak with these companies individually to ask about supervision and training. In my experience, the large, fully-remote, telepsych companies that popped up during covid are not places new grads should go to (most don't hire new grads, and if they do it's because they're desperate). These places are profit driven and clinicians are either paid only when they see patients or hourly. Most NPs and MDs simply aren't going to train someone brand new if it takes up time that they can use to see patients.

There are some private practices that might be willing to train new grads (and many PPs are still doing telehealth). In my experience, PPs are also profit driven and do not provide a great deal of training. In my area, the best places for new grads is definitely FQHCs and/or CMHs.