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Psych RN out of state relocation

I'm an experienced psych nurse in CA and looking to relocate to Wisconsin or Western Connecticut (more likely to WI). The pay here is pretty good and the work plentiful but the main reason I'm leaving is the cost of living. The homes in my area are over one million dollars, and as a single nurse there is no way I can afford a decent home out here. I heard Green Bay and Eau Claire are nice areas, as well as Appleton and Wausau. I think Madison might be too expensive for me to buy a home, though. Can anyone offer some good psych hospitals, especially ones with good pay and a pension? I applied to the Gunderson and Mendota hospitals so far. My patients are adults but I am open to working with adolescents. However, I want to avoid gero-psych. Thanks in advance, any suggestions much appreciated!


Has 8 years experience. Specializes in adult psych, LTC/SNF, child psych.

I hear the "Institute of Living" in CT is pretty awesome.


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