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Psych rn seeking med surg experience

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Hi I’m a psych nurse currently working in an outpatient psych clinic. I was thinking that maybe it’s time to seek med surg experience. I haven’t had the opportunity to work in med surg and felt like it would be beneficial for me career wise. I’ve tried to get med surg experience when I graduated from nursing school 8 years ago but haven’t had any luck. I got hired at a psych hospital and I’ve stayed in psych since. I’ve become comfortable in psych but am feeling like I have some gaps in my nursing skills and knowledge. My current job in the clinic is “easier” than working my last job in psych inpatient but I don’t see myself working there until retirement.

I’d be potentially starting out at square one if I make the switch. I have a lot to consider because I also have a family to provide for. I live in a big metro area and would be competing with a lot of new grads and other experienced nurses seeking the same jobs should I make the switch. Any advice on how to make myself more marketable or any other tips? Thanks in advance!

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