Psych RN to M/S Transition

by thervirus thervirus (New) New

Hello, I graduated in 2017 and in the area I live in it was hard to get into positions for M/S. I even interviewed for a new grad program and wasn't selected despite being honors. I went into psych because that was the only position that actually gave me a call back and I needed money right away to start chucking away at my student loans.

I know everyone is probably going to say I made a mistake going into psych, but I'm not here for judgment just support and any advice that any fellow nurses can give me. I've been trying to refresh all my skills in the mean time and currently have two interviews for a M/S position at local hospitals here in the valley.

I was wondering if any of you have any success stories or motivational stories regarding the transition you made if you went through something similar. How did you handle it? What challenges did you run into? Has going through this made your career as a nurse better or worse?

I really want to give medical a shot being that most of my experience right now is just in psych and didn't give it a fair shot.