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Psych NP working in North Carolina? Whats it really like?


Has 26 years experience.

Hi, I am considering moving to NC and am a Psych NP as well as a Child & Adol. CNS. I am wondering how restrictive it really is to work there? Also how does someone get a supervising MD as it sounds like from what I've read most docs are reluctant to do this for NP's. Also read you have to live within 45 miles of the supervising MD and have to notify them before every controlled substance script is dispensed. Sounds very difficult to practice. Any feedback welcome.

thinbluelineRN, MSN, NP

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Since you are in psych have you thought of doing Telepsych? Indeed usually has a quite a few postings for that. Just a thought.


Has 26 years experience.

I am doing telepsych now and would love to continue doing it but would need a supervising doc in NC and that doesn’t sound likely so I am looking into other potential jobs. I would love to hear from other Psych NPs to hear what they think about working there.