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Psych NP vs Psychiatrist

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I'm currently in my undergrad BSN and have been leaning towards Psych ever since my clinical rotation/class. I loved it! But now, I have begun to question which route I should go to pursue this avenue that I am interested in--I have most of the prereqs for Med School, and have been contemplating finishing those courses up and going that route, but if a Psych Nurse Practitioner degree will allow me the same benefits of going to Med School/specializing in Psychiatry, that is a much quicker/cheaper way to go.

Are there any Psych NP's out there who could help me make a decision? Do you feel like you are on an equal basis with your physician counterparts? Do you enjoy your job? Or any NP's in school who might be able to give me some insight into how you like your program/did you work as an RN before going to graduate school? I just would really prefer to skip floor nursing, since I have not enjoyed that aspect of nursing at all.

Thanks for any input!

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