psych np length of appointments at CMHC

by Mental1 Mental1 Member

I work in a community mental health center, seeing adult clients. THey are mostly chronic and severely mentally ill. I am a new grad and have been practicing for about 6 months. I have been taking about 90 minutes for new evaluations and 30 minutes for medication follow up visits.

The providers (who are no longer there) that were seeing these patients before I inherited them, were out of the office frequently and most of these people have gone 8 months or longer without a med check. Needless to say not doing well by the time I see them.

My agency is trying to force us into doing 60 minute evals (which I am okay with), 3 med checks per hour and no dictation time. I usually have one eval and then med checks for the other 7.5 hours of the day.

I should point out that we are also using an electronic charting system that is HORRIBLE and not designed for psychiatry, which slows down the entire office and just me.

******What is everyone else doing for their eval and med check appointments do you 20 minute med checks and 60 min evals with no dictation time? I can't even keep up now!