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Psych. Er briefing pls!


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Hello everyone,

i just landed a job in the hospital- Psych ER as a Behavioral Health Associate. yet to commence duties but i was wondering if anyone with same experience could fill me on the expectations and precautions. thank you

Whispera, MSN, RN

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That's a huge question. Your hospital could have totally different expectations than another hospital. How about talking to someone else who already works there?

Is a behavioral health tech a nurse?

You might be watching psych patients to make sure they're safe, kind of like being a sitter, if the job isn't a nursing job. If it is a nursing job, you might be assessing symptoms, calling the on-call psychiatrist. You might be making suggestions to other staff in the ER. You might be involved in behavior management.

I suspect you'll get an orientation that includes the precautions you should implement.