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Providence TIP Program 2019

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by xxleilani xxleilani (New Member) New Member

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Just applied to Providence Health's Transition into Practice/New Grad RN Program that starts mid January 2019. Just curious to see if anyone else on here has applied as well?

I think this would be a good way to connect and update each other on status, etc.

Which locations and specialties have you chosen? ADN or BSN?

Also, if there are any RNs that are currently in or have experience in this program it would be nice to hear from you guys too! Which hospitals and/or units need most staffing? ADN or BSN?

I applied to Tarzana and Mission Hills.

My choices of specialty are:

1) L&D 2) PP 3) NICU.

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I am applying for the April cohort. Did you get hired for the Jan one? How do you like it so far? 

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