Providence Hospital RNs Cite Patient Care, Economic Gains in First-Ever Union Contract - S


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Registered nurses at Providence Hospital won their first ever collective bargaining agreement in a tentative settlement late Monday night.

Key provisions of the agreement, which must still be approved by the nurses in membership meetings Thursday and Friday, include important gains on safe staffing and a stronger voice for RNs in patient care decisions, guaranteed pay increases, and workplace protections.

"From the beginning, this has always been about our ability to provide safe patient care. I am proud to say that Providence nurses have finally gained a voice in staffing and patient care," says Donna Fleming-Cobey, a RN on an Intermediate Care Unit. She has worked at Providence for 18 years...

... "This is a significant achievement that will elevate standards for all District of Columbia RNs, and a testimony to the unity and perseverance of Providence RNs who fought so hard for patient safety and their own economic and workplace security," said NNU Co-President Karen Higgins, RN...

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Good for them. It's about time we hear some good news and a hope for the future of nursing. :nurse: