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Protecting my laptop


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My laptop was stolen a few months ago, and I know information was compromised because some of my friends started getting a lot of spam. I felt really bad and I am concerned about other consequences that may arise.

To prevent this from happening again, I was thinking about putting Zonealarm's Datalock software on my new laptop - it makes it so you need a password to boot and look at encrypted data:


It does a pre-boot authentication with a password, to prevent unauthorized access to the computer and encrypts all the data on the hard drive. Has anybody else used software like this? Is it really secure or is it easily hackable?

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We have a finger swipe feature on our laptops that our practice uses. We go from clinic to clinic seeing pts and charting so we have a lot of info on our laptops.

Not sure what brand it is but when you first boot up, you have to put in a password, then swipe your finger, then you can go from there.