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Pros and cons of working at a nursing home/assisted living?


Has 4 years experience.

I currently work at a hospital, LOVE IT~! however, I wanted a change, to work on my off days and was just hired to a staffing agency that staffs nursing homes in my area. I only did my management rotation at one before graduating so what else should i know :)???

Your lucky, my school had no hospitals on clinical rotation and I worked as a CNA so needless to say the nursing home rotations got old quick. No hospitals around here (upstate NY) hire LPN's as anything other than PCT's. The difference as I understand is more pt.s in LTC but less acute pt.s, med pass and documentation are pretty much what you do unless one of your pt.s is "going down hill" on your shift you dont see them much other than med pass unless a incident happens, skin check or if your charting on that pt. on that shift. You said the jobs is through a agency from what Ive heard (Ive never worked for a agency) the jobs you get will not be "easy".