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  1. No masks? No social distancing??? If you get sick , don't count on me..
  2. I get attached to my patients too. I work in a SNF /LTC facility but mostly of not only I am assigned on SNF. I know all the LTC patients, since they used to be my patients ,, at some point when entering facility. They don't allow us to visit with pts not on our assignment where I am at..Covid 19 precautions they say.. A pt I knew for years passed recently and I cried (at home) for him and wished him and prayed him peace and light . He was always smiling, always waving at me , even when moved in LTC (we had to pass by their hallways).
  3. NewRN'16

    Living as an older individual with comorbidities

    OMG so true!! Maybe we have "shifted realities" as they talk about in quantum physics??? Either way, I will go with the poster above, I will go with the flow too. Glad I am alive to experience this .Quite unbelievable times , all around.
  4. Why would you even "visit" s patient that is not yours? Is your facility allowed family and friends to visit? If they do , then nvm. If only healthcare staff is allowed , then you shouldn't be visiting. You are not THEIR healthcare worker.
  5. I have no idea of the different state policies but I wouldn't put it behind my state to force us to wear Covid 19 PPE if declining the vaccine. That being said, I work in a SNF and I sincerely doubt the SNFs (for profit around here ) would agree to provide their non vaccinated staff with proper PPE on daily basis , wether we have cases of Covid it not. It is what it is I guess. I can't look* for another job. I will wear the PPE if they provide it. But right now they only give is 2 SURGICAL MASKS PER WEEK. how many N95s do you think they would give me ? One a month?
  6. How will that work? N95 masks, face shield, g +g every single hour of every single shift every day, forever?
  7. NewRN'16

    Living as an older individual with comorbidities

    I can't believe this is real either. It seems like I'm in a middle of a nightmare and all I need to do is to wake up? Or maybe like I am watching , but I am also a participant of a horror film? It seems all we have known as "constants' have gone away.. everything is changing, and not for the good.
  8. NewRN'16

    Admissions in Rehab/LTC

    Try to do as much as you can OK your shift, because even though theoretically nursing is a 24/7 job, you really can't be sure what the next shift will or will not complete. I am new to nursing as well, only 4 years experience here, but I hope my advice helps. I usually complete my assessments because I want to leave my patient safe (for example in case of pt deteriorating, the next shift will have all meds in the system, will know their HX and allergies. Will. Have access to all the information at the touch of a mouse. I wish LTC and SNFs would have a charge nurse doing the admissions, but most don't. So it is up to us nurses to make sure our patients are safe. I think you are doing great , and as you go you will learn that many many things will be left undone from the previous shift.
  9. Does that mean we can apply for renewal in August? And it is nationwide or depending on the state you live in? Does anyone know?
  10. When a Covid 19 vaccine will become.available , will it be mandatory for us? I am not against vaccines but I personally have a reaction to the influenza vaccine and chose not to take it. Will they give us the same option, or will it become absolutely mandatory? What do you guys think?
  11. NewRN'16

    Admissions in Rehab/LTC

    Ah, I completely forgot what you asked who is actually responsible for the admission , at the shift change? I would say the nurse who received the patient , who has report on them, who has already assessed them. You can delegate to oncoming nurse certain things , such as labs, help you with wound care you couldn't complete, f/u with MD to verify meds if MD hasn't called.back yet, etc. But as far as I'm concerned I've always fully took care of my admissions. You don't know what kind of emergencies next shift may have, a change in conditions or a code can make it impossible for them to help.
  12. NewRN'16

    Admissions in Rehab/LTC

    Here is how I've tackled admissions. I knew they were coming, so I had made sure the room was ready (did pt need O2? - a concentrator and NC ready to go. Was the pt a trach? All trach equipment in place. Was the patient on continuous feed or needed IV ABX? Pole ready in the room. When pt arrived, get STAT vitals and assessment. Not charting just obtain the info for you (if the pt is A&O enough to answer questions) Don't ever let the patient just sit there after being dropped off by transport, too many times acute care any us off unstable patients whom we had to promptly send back as we couldn't care for them in our facility. Quick assessment and vitals shouldn't take you more than 15 mins. If it's 9 pm , return to passing meds/completing tx and tasks you have. Continue checking on the new admit as much as possible, as they often are disoriented since it's a new room, new bed, new call light system etc, and maybe they're in pain. Now you're back to "completing the paperwork". Start with entering the pt in the system, then calling the MD and verify the med req. Be ready to have all your ducks in a row before calling the on call, just as I'm a regular SBAR. Please read the pt H&P before calling! Too many times I have seen colleguex fumbling with paperwork when asked questions because they weren't ready and wasting a huge amount time on that. After you cleared the med req, proceed with your admission (make a new chart , enter allergies, meds, assessments , etc). STAY organized! Don't leave papers laying all over the desk. Of you start making the chart right away you will know where everything is. ). I have had situations where I had 30 pts and 2 admission which all came after 9 pm. It's doable. You may have to stay an hour or 2 longer but really of you stay organized and are prepared I'm advance you will be OK. Best of lack and hugs!! I hope this helps!!
  13. NewRN'16

    Dismissed, what now?

    How far were you in the RN program? In some states you can get permission from your school to apply and seat for LPN NCLEX, if you have sufficient classes completed.
  14. NewRN'16

    My Nurse Hero

    WOW!.. that's all I can say. Thank you for everything you did and do, OP.
  15. NewRN'16

    I keep getting cancelled.. help :(

    Have you tried applying for an agency job? They have a multitude of shifts and different facilities available.

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