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    Hi all, Looking to apply this month for summer 2020! Anyone else on the same boat? I am currently taking my last class so I expect to update my transcript when grades are posted mid-Decemeber. Anyone from previous cohorts had an issue with this? I'm a little anxious about my points- I'm in the low 30s but hopefully it will be less competitive in summer/fall!
  2. Hi all, I have a bachelors in public health and I am deciding between going to community college for my ASN and getting my 2nd bachelors via SDSU's online/extension program or going for a Entry's level Masters Degree. My ultimate goal is to get a DNP & be a NP. I am not looking to get into debt for both my masters and DNP.... but I also don't want my ASN/Online BSN to count against me when I apply to DNP programs and am competing against people who went to big name schools for their Masters. What are your thoughts?
  3. Thank you for your feedback! A second BSN doesn't sound as fancy as a Master's does but it is definitely the cheapest (albeit longest) option to get me to my ultimate goal (NP/DNP). I know it sounds naive but I *really* have my heart set on women's health and no other speciality (besides maybe infectious disease, which isn't that common of a speciality) can hold a candle to it. Planned Parenthood is my ultimate/dream employer. Meaning... I would feel pretty comfortable investing the money into UCSF's Nurse Midwife/Nurse Practitioner MEPN. Plus it's nice that you can work as an RN part time during year 2 & 3 to at least not have to take out a loan for living expenses. It's just SO competitive. I've been on the UCSF MEPN message board and multiple Ivy Leaguers with 4.0 GPAs and published papers got denied?! I just doubt I can get in to UCSF. I have an alright GPA (3.7) and have worked/volunteered with underserved communities throughout college but rarely in a clinical setting (like I mentioned in my OP, only for about 6 months). Added to starting full time work in June and teacher credentialing classes, I don't think I will be able to get impressive amounts of clinical experience in the next 2.5 years. Maybe my non-clinical work teaching middle school science in an underserved school will count for something?
  4. @roser13 Master's Entry Program in Nursing... I've looked into USD/UCSF/Columbia/etc. I'm also open to an accelerated BSN program like CSU San Marcos'
  5. Hi all! I am half way through my senior year at UCSD as a Public Health major. Sadly, UCSD doesn't offer nursing and it's a bit too late to start a pre-med track now. I've accepted an offer to do Teach for America (something I am passionate about despite seeing myself being a WHNP in the long run). This means I won't even be applying to MEPN or ABSN programs until about 1.5 years from now. I am starting my first nursing pre-req (physiology + lab) in the spring. I am planning to continue to volunteer in (somewhat) nearby hospital's mother baby unit as well as continue to volunteer for Planned Parenthood's community outreach team. Any advice on how to become a more competitive MEPN applicant in my last 6 months at UCSD and during my time doing Teach for America? I don't think I'll have the time to continue with a research position (just completed 6 months working as a part time intern on a research study at Scripps). Besides getting great grades in pre-reqs, speaking to NPs, and possibly doing more in-depth clinical volunteering (although I'd be limited to the weekends, especially while doing TFA), what else can I do? TL;DR: Fellow career changers that work full time: how do you remain competitive? Apologies for the life story/rambling and happy holidays!
  6. librasea

    UCSD New Grad 2017

    There's a UCSD nursing program? I'm a current UCSD undergrad senior and I had no clue this was a thing?

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