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  1. CuriousMe

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    I don't know anything about MO, but (and you may have this already) here is a link to a listing of all the PN and RN programs in your state. There do seem to be some community colleges on the RN list. http://pr.mo.gov/boards/nursing/schoolsofnursing.pdf I hope you can find the answer that best suits your needs.
  2. CuriousMe

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    No one but you can say if any school is good for you. ITT Tech is very expensive (it's associate degree costs more than my bachelors degree did), and it's credits are not nearly as readily accepted as transfer credits by other schools when compared to a community college or state university (which could mean that if you were to continue your education, you'd have to take --and pay for-- a lot of general education classes again). It is easier to get into though. Only you can balance out the negatives and positives. Is there a reason you're leaning toward ITT Tech vs. a Community College?
  3. Thankfully, that hasn't been my experience, for the most part, I've had wonderful, knowledgeable, talented and caring Professors. I'm sorry if it's been yours though.
  4. So the Professor has no responsibility regarding the quality of their performance? I agree the student is responsible for their learning....but surely the Professor is also responsible for teaching? A student ultimately responsible for their learning shouldn't necessarily mean self-taught.
  5. CuriousMe

    Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot'

    I don't know what CBS said, but last I checked they are not a peer reviewed scholarly source (not sure if the CDC was an approved source for scholarly research in your BSN program or not...). What was reported in the Lancet Infectious Diseases article (doi:10.1016/S1473-3099(11)70295-X) was the following: "Efficacy of trivalent inactivated vaccine (TIV) was shown in eight (67%) of the 12 seasons analysed in ten randomised controlled trials (pooled efficacy 59% [95% CI 51--67] in adults aged 18--65 years)." That doesn't say it doesn't work....it says that it seems it might not works as well as we previously thought and that we need to work to improve the efficacy of these vaccines. Why is it either/or...why make the case that instead of vaccinating we can use good nutrition and standard precautions? Why not protect by vaccinating and use nutrition/standard precautions?
  6. CuriousMe

    Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot'

    So, you choose to do nothing to change a situation you don't want (since no one held a gun to anyone's head, or strapped anyone down to force a medical procedure there was no "forcing")....instead chose to just to gripe and complain. Actions speak volumes!
  7. CuriousMe

    Do You Wear a Lab coat?

    That may be in your facility. My nursing school dress code required me to wear a lab coat, that went down to my knees, when I picked up my patient information for the next morning. Each place is different.
  8. CuriousMe

    Crap...now what?

    The bigger concern I'd have, if I were you, is why I was sitting at a 79 average? Am I not understanding the material? Am I trying to cram for exams? Do I need to brush up on my test taking skills? All of these issues will come back to haunt you in nursing school....addressing them now will serve you well!
  9. CuriousMe

    Crap...now what?

    True, but not passing the NCLEX means you won't be a nurse (at least until you pass it) Theoretically there is a practical exam.......it's called clinicals. Clinical instructors aren't supposed to pass any student who isn't safe. I disagree with lottery based admissions. I think it just promotes a "good enough" attitude that does not serve the profession.
  10. CuriousMe

    Any news from RCC fall 2011?

    I'm going to guess that there are many, many schools that use the abbreviation, RCC. You may want to narrow it down, and maybe even post this in your state forum.
  11. that may be, but all my classmates are on fb....that's where we share information and get our questions answered. i do have a linkedin account for professional networking, but if the audience you're trying to speak with is not using that tool....it's not very useful. as far as prof's though, i wouldn't friend a prof until after i graduated. i just don't think it's appropriate.
  12. I've looked at a number of those sites....all the information was wrong (the closest one of the sites got was where I lived 20+ years ago the rest didn't even have that). As long as you take reasonable measures with your data as far as giving it out, the risk is minimal.
  13. Censoring is really just about using common sense. There's things you'd say to your friends in confidence, sitting in your kitchen that you may not say at a wedding reception filled with your friends and family. It's just about remembering who you're talking to. As for "giving my data to FB" all they have is my name and e-mail address...and I control what they send to the e-mail address, I'm not worried. :)
  14. CuriousMe

    any nurses or nursing students who's into fitness?

    What time do you have clinicals? We need to be at the hospital at 0630 and I'm already getting up at 0500 for that....your schedule would have me getting up at 0300...
  15. CuriousMe

    Who pays for your pin?

    We have the option to buy one of several different levels of quality of pins (gold plated on up through 24k). The cheapest option was around $35.