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  1. unplgt16

    CDC states only 10,000 patients died DIRECTLY from Covid

    stop feeding the troll guys....
  2. Wrong. He fell asleep in the Wendy’s drive thru and was asked by the cops to move his car to a parking spot. If he was “sooo drunk”, why would the cop knowingly...
  3. unplgt16

    Denver College of Nursing October 2020 Cohort

    I already have a bachelors so I don’t have to take the HESI. Interviews are scheduled June 1-30, and you have the option to do it via zoom or FaceTime
  4. unplgt16

    NVCC Spring 2018 Hybrid Program

    How have they not sent out all the acceptance letters/emails for 25 people? That's a little unbelievable. I'll guess we'll see...
  5. unplgt16

    NVCC Spring 2018 Hybrid Program

    I honestly am not sure what they would consider my gpa to be. I took a lot of courses at ODU and transferred them to nova. But I got an A in AP1, B in AP2, and ...
  6. unplgt16

    NVCC Spring 2018 Hybrid Program

    I just got a duplicate email from them saying my application has been processed. So i guess everyone else has gotten an email now, right?
  7. unplgt16

    NVCC Spring 2018 Hybrid Program

    I mailed my application the day after Labor Day, and also got an email on Sept. 21st saying my application had been processed and forwarded to the nursing dept.
  8. unplgt16

    Nvcc hybrid october 2016 (jan 2017 start)

    I also never received an acceptance or rejection email/letter either... and I did get an initial email saying my application was being processed...