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  1. Fav1892

    Union University ABSN Fall 2019

    They accepted the Stats!! Praise God!!
  2. Fav1892

    Union University ABSN Fall 2019

    Hey!! I accepted a seat for the fall as well. I requested to join the group, but have yet to be admitted.
  3. Fav1892

    Union University ABSN 2019

    Thank you for responding!! I think I'll definitely do it! Did you move closer to attend the school? Also, do you think a 3.5 gpa is good enough to be admitted into the program?
  4. Fav1892

    Union University ABSN Fall 2017

    Hello, I have a few questions for those currently in the program. I've started my application for ABSN Fall 2019 and if accepted I will be commuting a little more than an hour to the Hendersonville campus. The GPA for my last 60hrs is a 3.5 is this good enough to be accepted into the program? I'm a little concerned about how intense the program will be for a mom of 1 plus the commuting. Do you think it's doable, do you guys have a lot of commuters or parents who are doing well in the program? What are the hours for clinicals? And what is one big advice you would give to anyone interested in the program.
  5. Fav1892

    Union University ABSN 2019

    Thank you for responding!! I definitely wish I had a 3.0 so I could apply, my overall is a 2.89 so I know I'm not close enough. From the schools I've looked at in the area it seems like UU would be the best (Only) option for me. I'm just scared of the commute and obviously the course load. And also, you're right about the classes being 8-5 mon-Friday. How far is exit 11 from Campbell? We'll be looking for houses soon and have been advise by friends to stay close to Clarksville. Any recommendation on living areas? My daughter will be attending daycare on post as well.
  6. Fav1892

    Union University ABSN 2019

    Thanks for your reply. it would be lovely to attend Austin Peay but unfortunately i don't have a 3.0 for the GPA requirement. with Union University i was thinking i had a better chance since they only look at the last 60 credit hours which for me is a 3.6. are you from the area? is clarksville to hendersonville a bad commute? also i considered Marian University but i believe they're wayyyy more expensive than UU.
  7. Fav1892

    Union University ABSN 2019

    Hello, just found out my husband and i will be moving to clarksville area due to his job in fort campbell. i've been looking all over for a nursing program in the area and found Union University ABSN program (i have a Bachelors already ) i see that their requirements is a 3.0 for last 60 credits a long with TEAS & ACT scores. does anyone know what the minimum score they accept or GPA? i see that this is a 15month program, would you say this program is doable for a mom of 1 (3 yr old). i know it'll be atleast an Hour commute from clarksville if we get a house in that area.
  8. I wanted to see if anyone else on here plans to apply for the nursing program. I feel like my points (30) is pretty low, but Im still going to apply to see what happens. If you're applying, how many points do you have?
  9. Fav1892

    Chattahoochee Valley 2017-18

    did anyone with 35 points get in??
  10. Fav1892

    Wallace Community College 2016 Fall

    Hey!! I'm applying for spring 2018. Any idea on selection process or the amount of points needed to be selected? Anything helps
  11. Fav1892

    Columbus Tech ADN Spring 2017

    how is the program? any suggestions on how to be competitive. also do you know the lowest score accepted?
  12. Fav1892

    SUSCC Fall 2017-- Waiting for my letter!

    i'm going to be apply for the next application session (sept. 15th) and was wondering if you guys know anyone who got into the program with a score lower than 39? or what the lowest score was? anything helps, just trying to get an idea if i have a chance at all.
  13. Fav1892

    Chattahoochee Valley Nursing Program

    How many points did you have??
  14. Fav1892

    Chattahoochee Valley 2017-18

    So I found out from a classmate who applied, that in order to receive her ACT score it's actually $35. This only applies to those who took the ACT before 2014. Kinda crazy to charge that much but just wanted to give you a heads up:)
  15. Fav1892

    Chattahoochee Valley 2017-18

    Oh wow that's pretty good! You should definitely apply especially since it's free so why not. how were you able to access your official ACT score? I looked online but it doesn't give the option to just print it. Not sure if we have to pay for it