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  1. oceanlovingNP

    Parkland Hospital?

    My experience is that the starting salary is between $90k and $95k for NP 1 at Parkland. I'm not sure if that would differ between clinics, but I doubt it.
  2. oceanlovingNP

    Home hospice salary

    Thank you! That sounds about average for the area for family practice as well. I don't have a strong hospice background, per say, but I worked med/surg for many years and did end of life care as an RN. I am looking at other factors in addition to salary, but I feel like when you say that in an interview, it's fair game to low ball the offer! I just try not to under/over value my skills while also understanding that years of nursing experience do not equate to years of NP experience. Wish they taught that in school!
  3. oceanlovingNP

    Home hospice salary

    I'm a new graduate NP going on a second interview for a home hospice position. I suspect the dreaded "salary" question is going to come up. Would the salary for home hospice be different than the salary for other new graduate positions, like family practice? I am in the DFW area, if it makes a difference. This would be my first NP job out of school.