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  1. I live in a medium size city with several hospital networks and our area is short on nurses too. We have tons of nursing schools too but the networks are growing faster than the nurses coming out of school. I have started to see sign on bonuses for the first time in forever and "new grads welcome" job postings.
  2. SaltySarcasticSally

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    Are you sure you want to leave nursing because of the job itself or do you want to leave nursing because you struggling with those that work in it, your interactions with co-workers, and maybe personal issues? Nursing can be one of the best jobs and it can be the worst. When it's bad, sometimes it's the employer environment your in, it's you (general you) and your general outlook, or it its a combination of both. If your home life is stressful, your work life is stressful etc, it's easy to take it on and blame it on the job because that is the easiest factor to fix. From your responses, your defensive. And we all got like that, it's human nature. But it's when we are over-defensive that we can't see the whole picture KWIM? To answer your question though, there is school nursing, insurance company positions, safety nursing officers, infection control, research, etc. Many options that will have a different feel than the traditional nursing environment. But if you had a rough time in the last 7 years and haven't yet found the job that you feel is doable for a good length of time, it may not be the career choice that's the issue is what I am trying to kindly point out.
  3. SaltySarcasticSally

    Inappropriate Behavior?

    Ok, first, do not work with her. That's just ridiculous. Do not get involved in this. Let her make her FB comments, she just feels inferior. Unless you start to feel she is actually a danger, ignore this nonsense.
  4. SaltySarcasticSally

    Nursing and childcare poll

    I work every weekend and am off during the week while my spouse works. I have 2 in school, one not, so the daycare price was $1,500/mo for us since we needed before and after school care. We are young so our parents still work, no free childcare here. It stinks but it's temporary till I get my middle kid in full time school. My husband and I have always worked opposite shifts or schedules to cover the kids but still used daycare for the gaps. But once the third came, it was just too expensive.
  5. SaltySarcasticSally

    How late after your shift do you stay at work?

    10-15 mins after, usually no later. And that's just because of report taking a while. I have 6 months RN experience on Tele but I was an LPN in LTC before so charting wasn't new for me. We do not get admissions starting 30 min before and 30 min after shift change. If I get one at 1700 or later, I do everything I can before passing it off to the next shift.
  6. SaltySarcasticSally

    Ready to leave Med/Surg Tele, suggestions please?

    I'm in awe you made it 3 years lol. You can really go so many places with that experience. Tele is rough, I've been in 6 months. My manager told me if you can make it on Tele at least a year, you can make it on plenty of other units. I'm aiming for ER myself. I've learned I like have different patients every shift and I love in that in the ER (I did my capstone in the ER) that it's much, much easier to tolerate rude patients and family knowing you most likely won't see them again the next shift. See if you can shadow units your interested in! After 3 years on Tele, you deserve to be on a good unit with a good team. Maybe you will even land some where you can manage a 15 minute lunch break not charting at the same time lol. One can dream...
  7. SaltySarcasticSally

    Could not make it through the orientation of my first job, seeking advice.

    4 weeks isn't nearly long enough training for a new grad on an ICU floor. I got 8 weeks as a new grad on a Tele/MS floor with the option of 12 weeks if needed. And we do not take ICU overflow but we do manage lasix, cardizem, and heparin gtts. I was an LPN for 8 years before my RN and I really struggled in orientation the first 4 weeks. Mainly because I had a different preceptor every week and just because our floor is rough at times. Once I had a steady preceptor and had consistency, things got much better. I'm a person who likes variety but I need consistency during training when in a new environment. Having so many different people teach me in so many different ways the first 4 weeks was too much. It sounds like you had similar issues. I also did much better once I was on my own because it was then I could see the big picture of my whole routine. If you can't get back into a MS position any time soon then I would try a SNF. I worked in SNF as an LPN and many now are similar to MS units (sans a few things of course) because people get kicked outta the hospital so early now. It will build your skills and confidence plus the patoents will (hopefully) be less critical. The ratios can be high but the charting not as involved. You have the same residents weeks at a time so your not learning a new patient every shift. Try that, build your skills 6 months-1 yr and re-apply to acute care. I think yo7u will be surprised at how much more comfortable you will be in the hospital after some time in SNF.
  8. SaltySarcasticSally


    I'm a little confused, can you elaborate more? Are you practicing as a nurse in a different country? And are you a nursing student doing a capstone of sorts?
  9. SaltySarcasticSally

    Feel like a crap nurse. How do I become better?

    Your doing just fine. I've got my 6 month mark on a Tele floor, on my own for 3 months now. I just now feel like I can go into work and not feel overwhelmed. And I was an LPN for 8 years before and its still took me till now to feel comfortable. Always ask questions and keep marching ahead, it will feel less anxiety inducing soon.
  10. SaltySarcasticSally

    being called off..

    See they just limit all the call offs to our unit instead of rotating it through all similar units. It would be a lot easier if they did that. I had to take last Saturday with no pay since I have no PTO.
  11. SaltySarcasticSally

    Outpatient Clinic Nurse Patient Ratios

    Are we talking case management or being on the floor? I worked on the floor for years as an LPN in a variety of offices, we never had any set # of patients we could see in a day. Sometimes we had 45 patients in 4 hour or only 45 patients in 8 hours, just depends on the day/season. It never bothered me to have a lot of patients in one day but I could see how too many patients in case management may be hard to handle.
  12. SaltySarcasticSally

    Going to color coded scrubs.

    We have to buy our own at a particular shop because of the embroidery. Its silly because transport wears the same color as nurses so it really does nothing.
  13. SaltySarcasticSally

    being called off..

    We aren't union so no go there. Curious, why would a hospital about to close hire too many nurses?
  14. SaltySarcasticSally

    being called off..

    I'm honestly not sure why they are over staffing. I think its mainly for an occasional overflow unit but its hardly ever open. I am a new grad RN so can't do specialized roles yet but will be trying to transfer as I don't think this occurring on other units. I'm also floated often so I've seen its not as common on other floors...
  15. SaltySarcasticSally

    being called off..

    How often is normal? On my floor, 1-3 nurses are called off mostly every shift. I've been there 6 months. Called off once due to stomach flu, have taken no other PTO but I'm out due to using it to cover the frequent call offs due to over staffing. And they are still hiring nurses...not sure why. Is this common? Its been going on for 3 months now. I do not have any more PTO to cover it and I need to pay my bills...
  16. SaltySarcasticSally

    What do you wear under your scrub pants in winter?

    Nothing. I walk really fast from the parking lot lol