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I Tried To Be Normal Once. Worst Two Minutes of My Life!

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  1. Ben_Dover

    When Your Preceptee is a Know-it-All

    🙄 ... Most of the Preceptors simply roll their eyes and sigh! LOL
  2. Ben_Dover

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    90 Year Old Female Pt. Giving Me A Wink! My procedure: I wink back at them. FTW! 😉
  3. Ben_Dover

    Famous person as patient?

    I had a patient and his name was "Jesus Christ" and his Father's Name was Gawd! We sedated him! Boom!
  4. My point exactly! You just did it! 🤔✌️
  5. Although, I don’t have a transference or counter-transference like-attitude. But, we are judged by first impression. And it only takes 7 seconds, for one to judge someone. But I have proven them wrong. 😊 Anyway—— “Paired with a good scrubs. A man properly dressed for work....” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what a definition! I ordered one, simply because of this statement. I ended up not getting a Dansko. But the running shoes or sneakers has to go, at least, while I am making $$$$$$$. And yes, I am a Chef Thanks!
  6. But hey... this got your attention 😉
  7. You nailed it! If anything, are they meant or designed just for women?
  8. Fair enough 😀
  9. Hello Ladies and Gents, What is one’s opinion if you see a man wearing a Dansko shoes? I’m thinking of trying it out since I have been wearing running/sneaker shoes for the past so and so years now?
  10. As mentioned on my subject! What's up everyone!!! You guys have been playing too much poker! Try Solitaire for a change... just so it is not too obvious! I Miss the banters... big time!
  11. Ben_Dover

    Did your dating life improve when becoming a male nurse?

    Ratio at that time when I was in school was 35:5, Ladies Versus Gentlemen. I wasn't dating when I was in nursing school. But I had some memorable memories with some of my female study-buddies. Fun times!
  12. Ben_Dover

    I didn't wake up on time and was too late to come for AM shift?

    Never is a strong word. But, yeah, I was never late due to "oversleeping." However, I have come to work, and my co-workers would be like, "what are you doing here? You're not on the schedule."
  13. Ben_Dover

    Nurse Imposters

    Uhmm I saw a whole bunch of impostors just this past Halloween!!! Should I be concerned about it? I think I'm obligated to call BON CHON?!?
  14. Ben_Dover

    RN MGR Told me I'm too old.

    Test... Mic test... mic test! Where is test Mic? seems like the OP has gone AWOL.
  15. Ben_Dover

    Report or not when administrators have favorites

    No need to report. To be honest, when I was a charge nurse of a 30 bed unit. I'd rather not take any report from any CN... cause they don't know half of whatever's going in with the patients!
  16. Ben_Dover

    Ugh- helicopter/tiger mom!

    I hope this is a sci-fi story... I'm no HIPAA police. But this one makes me cringe! I'm Surprised... it's still active or open.