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  1. Are you sure those were vitamins, Jane?
  2. Jane: It even looks like a circus out here too... Jill: yup.
  3. HopeNikole

    Work from home RN jobs in Canada

    Hi there, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about working from home as an RN in Canada, specifically Saskatchewan if possible. Thanks
  4. HopeNikole

    nclex doubts

    Hi there, Congratulations on getting this far in your career, but now is the most important part. You need to be confident in yourself. You simply cannot compare the two. Everybody tests differently under stress. There are many factors that can affect how you perform on your exam. Keep doing what you are doing, review information you know will be on the exam, and do lots of practice questions each day leading up until one or two days before the exam. I recommend not studying the day before your exam as your brain needs time to rest and prepare for your exam. Remember, this exam tests your critical thinking abilities. If your mind is in the right place and you are confident, you will be able to critically think through each question. Take your time on the exam. Good luck!
  5. HopeNikole

    Canadian NCLEX

    If there are any students out there looking for support/help/tutoring for the NCLEX in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns please message me! I want to help!
  6. HopeNikole

    NCLEX in Saskatchewan, Canada

    Just wondering if there are some nurses from Saskatchewan who are looking for help with the NCLEX?! Especially ones that have failed on the first, second, or third attempt.
  7. HopeNikole

    HELP with ATT taking for 2nd time

    Pearson Vue is who will send you the ATT. You must register and pay with them to receive your ATT. In Canada, you have to wait 45 days before you can attempt the exam again, so you might not be passed that period yet! Good luck on your exam!
  8. HopeNikole

    Was told to consider not being a nurse?

    I don't think that making one mistake is cause to just drop out of nursing school. You made a mistake, mistakes happen. Take responsibility for your actions and always do the right thing. Stop and think about what you are doing. Maybe try reflecting on the situation openly, and decide if nursing is for you but do not let one small thing stop you from having a great career. In my first year of nursing school, a had the director of the program tell me "that maybe nursing wasn't for me" because I was doing poorly in a class. Today, I am a Registered Nurse! Use it to motivate yourself to improve and work on critical thinking! I hope everything works out for you! Cheers, Hope

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