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  1. BBogdon

    A Father's Tears

    I remember when I miscarried at only 2 months. My husband cried for hours just as I did. Daddies lose a life as well. Not just the momma.
  2. I am going to echo what everyone else is saying here: Take the baby and GET OUT!!! You are in very dangerous situation here. His out of control anger will only get worse, NOT better. You need to leave and be in a safer place. NOW!
  3. BBogdon

    Hospice & ghosts -

    Allow me to explain what a hitchhiker ghost is: A hitchhiker ghost is a spirit that attaches itself to a person who does negative things such as drugs and alcohol or is constantly around negative people. Hitchhiker spirits can also be shadows of oneself that is playing a role in their lives that may be misconstrued as a dark entity or archon force in their life.
  4. BBogdon

    Wiccan and Nursing

    Merry Meet! I have been practicing the religion of Wicca for 5 years now. I have also been studying to be an RN since January of this year ( 2016). I am just seeking fellow Wiccans who share the same religious Wiccan views as I do. Blessed Be!