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  1. MegWorth

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    Instead of going to each class do you think you can make announcement about hygiene over the loud speaker? I discussed proper hygiene during our morning announcement and posted what I discussed in the bulletin board. Also, our teachers had the option to play one or the other (links below) during homeroom. We are hoping the information we provided to our students will help calm any anxiety they may be having. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/02/28/809580453/just-for-kids-a-comic-exploring-the-new-coronavirus https://www.brainpop.com/health/diseasesinjuriesandconditions/coronavirus/
  2. MegWorth

    Job is on the skids due to calling out sick

    Agree! I bet this job is making your depression and anxiety worse. You need to find a work environment that fits your personality. Good Luck!
  3. MegWorth

    Schools medical policy?

    The assistant to the Principal and VP. She could easily share an office space with someone.
  4. MegWorth

    Schools medical policy?

    What gets me is a few of my coworkers have a office that they hardly use! I forgot to mention that parents and grandparents have made comments about me needing my own office for privacy. I let my boss know but I think the parents need to start telling my boss and not me.
  5. MegWorth

    Schools medical policy?

    The spirit room is about 15 feet from my desk. They cannot turn the room into a nurses office. My hope is they will decided to move my coworker who is using the nurses office. There are several big offices she could share with someone. My hope is they will decided to move my coworker who is using the nurses office. There are several big offices she could share with someone. Thank you for letting me know what FERPA covers.
  6. MegWorth

    Schools medical policy?

  7. MegWorth

    Schools medical policy?

    Hi Everyone, I have been working at private school (K -12) for almost 3 years and I do not have my own office. Before I came on board they had the office manager handling all the medical issues and gave the nurses office to another admin team member. I sit in the front office out in the open with no privacy - Staff, parents, and visitors can hear everything. From my understanding HIPAA doesn't apply to schools, is this correct? Does FERPA protect students medical info? I have stressed my concern to my boss about having my own office. I do not think it's right that the students do not have a private place to speak with me about personal and sometimes embarrassing medical concerns. I am hoping there is something stating that schools should have a nurses (medical) office to protect students medical info. Also, I am not the only one concerned about not having my own office. Several of my students have mentioned to me that they wish I had my own office so, they can speak with me in private. My students and I try are best to whisper in hopes no one hears but it's not good enough for me.
  8. MegWorth

    C'Mon Now!

    This happened to me last week. It was in the high 90s and the students were dropping like flies! Hopefully in the future they rethink having pajama. AZ heat and one piece pajamas do not mix.
  9. MegWorth

    happy mother's day

    Thank you! I hope your day was relaxing and memorable.
  10. MegWorth

    Teacher appreciation week...

    At my school they do a staff appreciation week, which was last week. All week we had a snack bar in our break room and each day a small gift in our box. This week they surprised us by letting us leave work 2 hours early. Wednesday's is half day for our students and we got to leave shortly after them, yay!
  11. MegWorth

    History of School Nursing

    I married into a Greek family. When my husband and I moved into our house a few years ago, his family came over to help clean before moving in. OMG... They are serious about Windex!
  12. MegWorth

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    You did a great job! Hopefully your student will be okay.
  13. MegWorth

    Moral Injury

    The video isn't coming up for me.
  14. MegWorth

    Make Up Your Mind Please!!!

    Brilliant! I going to use this.
  15. MegWorth

    First day of school updates

    Thank you for the tip!
  16. MegWorth

    First day of school updates

    My first week of school I had one student faked passing out twice. Over the summer she "passed out" several times, doctors ran several test to only find out she is pretending to pass out for attention. I had another student that had purple itchy spots near her armpit. I am beyond happy that mom took me serious when I told her she needs to have these spots checked by a doctor, LD was having a dangerous reaction to her medication. Thankfully LD is doing well!

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