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  1. Block 1

    Mondays - Health Promotion 9-4

    Tuesdays - Health Promotion 9-3

    Wednesdays - Health Assessment 9-5:30

    Fridays - Patho 9-5

    Block 2

    Mondays - Teaching and Learning 9-2, Prof. Development 3-8

    Tuesdays - OBGYN lecture 10-3

    Thursdays - OBGYN clinical 8-8

    Fridays - Pharm 9-5

    Someone that is currently in the program wrote that this was their summer schedule in last year's thread!

  2. Did you happen to notice if your application status changed before you heard about a decision? I read on last year's thread that "Application has been forwarded to admissions committee for review" changed to "Faculty Screener #" to indicate that their application was being reviewed. Mine hasn't changed yet so I'm wondering if you had that change. I hate not knowing when I will hear back!


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