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  1. AgidaeRN

    Why Does Everyone Hate Florida So Much??

    I will visit just for the Sunshine but nothing else....I have heard about the injustices in Florida and will not work here.
  2. AgidaeRN

    New Grads We Have Hit A New Low...Work For FREE

    Hell no for me! This is so sad...I WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE!
  3. AgidaeRN

    Nursing School Admissions-still Very Difficult, Why

    Well girl, Hang in there. I too have to work real hard to get in the Nursing College for fall 2003 and I am determine to maintain at least a 3.8GPA. I have just started my prerequisites and doing good so far but I know that the other subjects can be real difficult. I am not bad at maths and so I have hopes. Dont worry God will work things out for you. Just keep on working hard. Good luck!!
  4. AgidaeRN

    It's been a longggg time since I took chemistry

    Well, I am sad to tell you that I have not done chemistry for about 17 years now and dont remember one single thing but I am very good at maths and so maybe I will cope. I am a freshman at a university coming august 27, and I am looking forward for this opportunity because I am anxious to be a nurse. I really dont have a choice but to do well because I am no baby. I will be 34 in August. Please pray for me.
  5. AgidaeRN

    Newbie here...my introduction

    Hi nurzofFaith, We are happy to have you here. I too was a bit shy to post a message but by reading, I realize that these people are very supportive and I am very grateful. I too have decided to start my nursing course on the 27th August and looking forward to do well. It is very nice to know that we have a lot of students here to converse with and give support. Again we are happy to have you and do hope that you continue to read the posts. Good luck!!
  6. AgidaeRN

    Are you a commuter or live on campus?

    Well guys, I will be just across the road from the university. Am I lucky? I will be living with my two year old daughter while attending campus.
  7. AgidaeRN

    How nerdy are we?

    Hi, I would love to get at least 3.9 on my GPA and I know I have to work very hard to reach that but I am planning to have a group study. Well guys the time is drawing nigh and we just have to have our minds made up to work very hard. Good Luck!!
  8. AgidaeRN

    How many classes are you taking this fall?

    Well guys, my subjects for fall will be; Freshman English1, college Algebra/finite math, Into to Sociology(SYG 2000), Historical perspective. These are my first prerequisites.
  9. AgidaeRN

    Anyone still waiting to hear for fall?

    Hi RN, I am proud of you. How did you maintain that GPA4.0? I need some advice because I need to hit the books from start this I have not been to school for 15 years now and will start my prerequisites this fall. I am so happy to be a part of this Forum. When I am unsure of myself I just click!! and here I find people who are in the same position as I am. You will get that scholarship my dear. Good luck!!
  10. AgidaeRN

    Starting school in 3 weeks!!!

    Hi Jen, I will be a freshman come the 27th August, 2001. I am so so anxious since this is my first time in college. I will be attending the University of South Florida in Tampa and I know that I am in for some hard work but God will lead me. I will have my daughter with me. I am anternational Student from Jamaica, hence, my tuition is far more than those students in-state. Therefore, at my Orientation I am going to start asking about jobs on campus which will help me through the next three four years of studies. Good Luck Jen and I know you will enjoy it.
  11. AgidaeRN

    silly question but please reply

    Hi, When you are in love with a profession, you try to cope with whatever comes, so you will survive just think positively and try to do your best and things will work out. Good luck!! Have fun!!
  12. AgidaeRN

    How much do you make?

    Wow, this is interesting. By what requirements they use to pay the nurses? because these nurses hourly wages varies. Please explain. Thanks.
  13. AgidaeRN

    Anything Positive on Nursing ???

    Fiestynurse, Is nursing that bad? Others have told me that they have made a lot of money and these people just start working. I am a bit confused here but that wont stop me from doing my nursing course. I think the pay depends on where you work and the hours you do. Tell me if I am wrong. In Jamaica nursing does not pay much and the work is very hard but in the Us I heard that it is far better as the benefits are attractive. So tell me is this for all places in the US? Or for just where you work? Thanks for your response.
  14. AgidaeRN

    Anyone still waiting to hear for fall?

    Well, Well, Happyhorsefan you are so encouraging, I too am hoping to do well and I am so anxious I cant sleep at nights. Thanks for the encouragements.
  15. AgidaeRN

    I Passed!!!!

    Hi, I am sooo happy for you all and hope you continue to succeed in all areas you chose. I am hoping my day will come when I can say "I am a RN". Wow what a day that will be. Again Congrats!!!
  16. AgidaeRN

    What to expect from a BSN 4-year Program

    Hi Brandy, I have read through your program and found it very interesting. As a Freshman it makes me more prepared for the challenges ahead. I thank you so much and will keep you up-to-date as to my progress in school. Good Luck!

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