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  1. SleahB23

    UC Denver Traditional Program 2018

    I am accepted into South campus as well! I joined the fb group anyway :) Congratulations, looking forward to meeting you!!
  2. SleahB23

    UC Denver Traditional Program 2018

    Hi there! So glad to have found this thread. I'm applying in this application cycle as well and glad to have some extra insight. Looking forward to possibility meeting you all! Best of luck with this process. ~Leah
  3. SleahB23

    Applying to UC Denver Nursing School for Summer 2016

    Hey Everyone! I've been invited for the interview process for the Summer 2017 start as well. I tried to get a thread going for all applicants in this cycle but it didn't take off. So, I'm hoping that students that are in the program currently and have recently been through this process would be willing to give some tips and information about the interview process and the program. I'm pretty confused about the interview being a group exercise? Can anyone enlighten us as to how things go down/what we should be prepared for? Also, is there anything that you wished you would have known going into the interview/program looking back now? SO grateful for any and all comments!
  4. Hi Everyone! I've seen a couple of threads with applicants to this same program but in past application cycles. I'm starting this one so we have a place to ask questions, stay connected, learn from past/present nursing students, and hopefully increase our chances of acceptance. Good luck to everyone applying!