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    Sub Notes

    Are you totally burnt out??? How do you take time off and get a break? I am leaving my FT position and subbing next year b/c I feel like I cannot ask for time off b/c it is so hard to find coverage. I am totally burnt out from this year (I was PT before this year).

    My very first squad call

    I cannot even imagine the pain that poor kid must have been feeling! Yikes!

    Typical schedule.

    Public Charter in MA. 488 kids K-3 Students report at 7:45 and are dismissed at 4:15 I work 7:45-3:30 I am pretty much in my 6 x 8 closet all day seeing students, unless there is an emergency somewhere in the building. I teach health classes in the Spring, organize and run a health and wellness event in May, State Mandated Screenings, etc...

    When do you call?

    LOTS of flu here in MA, including my own son and husband. What I am noticing though, is there are still SO many people who say "I have the flu" but have not actually seen a doctor and been diagnosed with influenza. I have also had several parents say their kid had the flu, only to find out it was a GI bug that they were calling "The Flu". I even has a teacher come back after being out two days saying she was down and out with the flu. I asked her about symptoms, if she took Tamiflu, etc. and then she says "On I never went to the doctor and didn't have a fever, just threw up a few times". I am sure there are several that had the "flu-like" illness that was not influenza, and several who had the flu who never got diagnosed...really hard to keep track around here.

    Does your school do e-learning...

    Funny you posted this. My school where I work does not, but my home district where my two kids go is piloting this program this year. The way it will work in DD's class (5th grade) is that on the day school is closed, they have a packet of worksheets to read and complete on line. The teachers must be available from 9-10:30 and again from 12:30-2 for any questions the students might have. They had to also have every parent sign something saying they had reliable internet access.


    Sadly, thank goodness. Mom is challenging in terms of follow-through on things so I am so thankful that he has been so eager to be involved in his management. He self tests and self injects too Obviously I triple check everything but I love that he is so eager to grab the bull by the horns!


    My T1D is in second grade and has always carried his meter. He keeps meter, ketone meter, all his supplies, including his glucagon pen and emergency glucose tabs in an insulated bag and it goes everywhere with him so I never have to worry about an emergency with him and him not having his stuff. It works well for us. He is so used to having it at all times he has never forgotten to bring it with him in the two years he has been here.

    My very first squad call

    Nice job! I have kids in here all the time with "super skinny" jeans and they tell me they have a cut on their knee or something similar and I can't even assess it b/c the jeans are so tight they don't roll up I miss the days of boot cut jeans!

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    I just had a dad say to me after I informed him that his kid has missed 18 days of school so far: "Well, he is so far ahead of all the other kids in his class, what's the big deal"? Meanwhile this kid is a total space cadet, definitely has issues with processing... What fun things have parents said to you lately?

    What day is it?

    Ha! We have early dismissal today for a coming snow storm later this afternoon. Wednesdays we usually have early dismissal, so I am sure tomorrow I will be thinking it is Thursday.
  11. That's awesome! Who pays? How is it reimbursed?

    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    Was this is the 80"s??? I'd have been out daily!

    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    We didn't have a school nurse, but I was the kid who faked sick to stay home at least once a month. I discovered the benefits of a "mental health day" early on in life

    Preschooler out by ambulance the other day

    Nice job! Glad he is OK!
  15. Hello everyone, I am creating a position that is essentially like a "School Nurse Consultant" for lack of a better name. This nurse would come on a part-time basis to schools do any number of things to assist the LPN who is there. One of the main responsibilities would be to oversee/supervise the LPN as in my state (MA) LPNs need RN supervision. So far I have: 1. Review/update school health policies as needed 2. Provide staff training on Epi Pen administration 3. Attend field trips as needed 4. Help with State screenings 5. Attend IEP/504 meetings if applicable 6. Ensure students who need IHPs have them and write for those who don't I guess, in a nutshell, if you could have another RN come in and "help", what things would you want done. This would be a coupe days a week for a 6 hour stretch, or random 3 hour stretches as needed. Thanks for any ideas or input!

    MA Nurses

    For the BMI screening, do we have to report through MIIS this year? I have always submitted through the on-line link and this year I cannot find a link anywhere. Another nurse told me she submitted through MIIS. I do not have access to MIIS (I submitted my immunization survey through survey monkey). If you have already done your BMI screenings can someone post the link here or confirm it is through MIIS so I can get that process started? Thanks

    MA Nurses

    Hi, I got an email from DOH yesterday and this is the link if anyone wants it: http://mdph.checkboxonline.com/BMI-Report-2019.survey

    Just sent my first via ambulance....

    Any updates? Hope he is OK!

    Diastat for the seizure student

    I have two students who have very different types of seizures and both of their Diastat orders are for "any seizure lasting >5 minutes". I had to give Daistat for the first time in the Fall and by the time I got up there (I was 4 floors away) I had to go by the teacher guessing it had already been five minutes. Better safe than sorry and it took me a couple minutes just to open the package, clear the area, put on the gloves, lube, get the student's pants down and get him in the correct position, etc. Seizure stopped within a minute after I administered it. My motto with Epi pens, Diastat, etc. is better to give than sit there and question. Get clarification from the MD if it is ANY seizure activity, or a specific type of seizure activity.
  20. Just had an experience that I am still trying to wrap my head around. Kindergarten student brought down to my office by teacher, shivering. Temp 99.5. I have student remain in my office for observation as I am fairly certain temp is on its way up and want to re-check temp in 15 minutes. Re-check in 15 minutes and he is 102. Medical history unremarkable, and I do not have permission to administer anything for fever. I call mom who does not answer and leave her a message to call me as soon as she gets the message. As soon as I hang up the phone, student has a full blown seizure in my office. Lasts for a full two minutes. I am finally able to reach Dad and he meets ambulance at the hospital. Find out from the staff member who accompanied the student that when Dad arrived, he told them this was his FOURTH seizure!!!! Staff also indicated there were some other red flags that doctors seemed to be taking note of based on answers to medical questions. They are Jehovah Witnesses, which several of our students are, but usually that is indicated somewhere by the parents because they list all the do's and don'ts for us. His medical form and school file looks like any other typical student's. I just do not get why they would not be honest on the medical form. Interestingly, he is UTD on all vaccines and does not have seizures listed on there either, so I am wondering if they do not take him to be seen when he has a seizure so no one knows (until now). I pray this little guy gets the medical care he needs and the doctors are able to get Social Work involved.

    MA Nurses

    Thanks everyone. I'll wait for the email this month. I loathe BMI- I do nothing with the data either.

    Return after flu

    Both my 13 year-old DS and husband just got over Flu A. It was terrible. DS came down with fever on a Tuesday night and after our appointment when he was diagnosed (Wednesday), the doctor said "he's fine to go back as long as the fever has been gone for 24 hours". That didn't happen until Saturday, unfortunately. My husband came down with it Saturday afternoon and by Monday the fever was gone, so he went back to work Tuesday. This was two weeks ago and both only just stopped coughing. As a side note, both had flu vaccines in October. DH did Tamiflu but we opted out for DS.

    Winter Video (Gerry Brooks)

    Yup! Saw a gaggle of middle school boys walking to school this morning in my district where I live and they were wearing hoodies, shorts and those basketball legging things

    Winter Video (Gerry Brooks)

    YES! Like the thread last week, parents are quick to judge the decisions when schools are closed (or open for that matter). I have 488 kids in my K-3 school. I am in MA and it has been freezing the past two days (-15 yesterday with wind). About 2/3 of the students did not have hats or mittens, and there were a handful who did not have coats

    When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    THIS one drives me bonkers too! I have five kids listed as "Pork Allergy". All five of them are Muslim and when I called to tell the parents we do not serve any pork products at school, they still would not change it on the forms. They told me they do not have allergies but won't change it on the forms. SMH