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    PARENTS say the darndest things

    I just had a dad say to me after I informed him that his kid has missed 18 days of school so far: "Well, he is so far ahead of all the other kids in his class, what's the big deal"? Meanwhile this kid is a total space cadet, definitely has issues with processing... What fun things have parents said to you lately?

    MA Nurses

    For the BMI screening, do we have to report through MIIS this year? I have always submitted through the on-line link and this year I cannot find a link anywhere. Another nurse told me she submitted through MIIS. I do not have access to MIIS (I submitted my immunization survey through survey monkey). If you have already done your BMI screenings can someone post the link here or confirm it is through MIIS so I can get that process started? Thanks

    Immunization Rate Question

    Maybe your local Board of Health can give you county specific information. You can find a map of rates by US state but not smaller counties I don;t think.

    Storybook Character Day Nurse ideas?

    Ha! Well I love those books. My favorite is Madeleine's Rescue!

    Storybook Character Day Nurse ideas?

    Isn't Ms. Clavel a nun/teacher?

    When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    Now THAT is terrifying!
  7. Just had an experience that I am still trying to wrap my head around. Kindergarten student brought down to my office by teacher, shivering. Temp 99.5. I have student remain in my office for observation as I am fairly certain temp is on its way up and want to re-check temp in 15 minutes. Re-check in 15 minutes and he is 102. Medical history unremarkable, and I do not have permission to administer anything for fever. I call mom who does not answer and leave her a message to call me as soon as she gets the message. As soon as I hang up the phone, student has a full blown seizure in my office. Lasts for a full two minutes. I am finally able to reach Dad and he meets ambulance at the hospital. Find out from the staff member who accompanied the student that when Dad arrived, he told them this was his FOURTH seizure!!!! Staff also indicated there were some other red flags that doctors seemed to be taking note of based on answers to medical questions. They are Jehovah Witnesses, which several of our students are, but usually that is indicated somewhere by the parents because they list all the do's and don'ts for us. His medical form and school file looks like any other typical student's. I just do not get why they would not be honest on the medical form. Interestingly, he is UTD on all vaccines and does not have seizures listed on there either, so I am wondering if they do not take him to be seen when he has a seizure so no one knows (until now). I pray this little guy gets the medical care he needs and the doctors are able to get Social Work involved.

    PTO/Sick Leave, etc.

    I am curious what you get for this. My school's new policy this year makes it very clear that although you get 8 days of PTO, it is NOT for use as vacation time, but only for use in emergency situations (sick, child sick, etc.). They consider the fact that we get all the other days off during the year as "vacation". While I totally understand this and would never plan a vacation outside of the regular weeks we have off, things come up and I am now realizing that I cannot even get an afternoon off to attend an activity with my daughter I have 122.5 hours of accrued PTO because I have never used it. It does not get "paid out" when you leave either so I feel like I either have to lie and say I am sick if I want to be able to have any time off, or miss out on family stuff. Part of why I took this job was to have more time for my kids. We are told that they put this policy into place because too many teachers were abusing the PTO/sick time and calling out or using it as additional vacation days. They also added "black out sick days" where if it is a Friday before or Monday after a holiday, you can't call out or request time. You also can't request sick time during standardized testing weeks. They literally make it impossible to take any time off. I just re-read the handbook to make sure I wasn't crazy. It really sucks. Needless to say, I am finishing out my year here and looking elsewhere. I am just bummed that I have never called in sick or asked for any time off and I am being punished for employees who abused it.
  9. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/01/emergency-declared-in-oregon-for-measles-outbreak-in-anti-vaccine-hotspot/

    The panic before the storm


    The panic before the storm

    Seriously. If you don;t think it's safe to send your kid to school, then DON"T SEND THEM!! End of story. Our superintendent always gets a ton of lip from people who do not agree with whatever decision she has made. I always like how she will say in her robocall and email "If you do not feel safe taking your child to school, you have the right to keep them home". Crazy parents still give her a hard time. Or get angry with her when she calls a snow day the night before a storm where every other school district has already closed and they are predicting several inches and dangerous conditions, and then it is less than they predicted. Like it is somehow her fault the forecast was wrong.

    The panic before the storm

    I am in Massachusetts. It snows here. Typically a lot. And gets cold. We are expecting snow Saturday night into Sunday, maybe 6-12" in Boston, more in the Northern and Western suburbs. Blizzard conditions with the wind. Anyway, wouldn't you know there is already mass pandemonium at the grocery store (I park in their lot every day). Also, the hardware stores selling out of shovels and ice melt. We live in New England people. How are you only just now figuring out snow melt and a shovel are a good thing to own?! My school is already going crazy about possible snow day on Tuesday. Snow will likely be cleared up by then but parents are already calling. Like they expect the admin to make a call NOW for Tuesday, LOL. OK I'm done. Carry on with your day. Happy Friday everyone!


    Sadly I don;t think this problem is going away. I think the stuff is too easily accessible, and too easy to hide. Really makes me crazy. I have a 13 year old son in 7th grade and he tells me at his school in the bathrooms there are always 7th and 8th graders in there vaping.


    I'm done today but my own kids finish tomorrow- best situation ever!
  15. I am pretty steamed right now. I have a third grade student who I have known since K. A little precocious, can be needy, mom babies her (talks to her in a baby vice and coddles her). She has intermittent asthma. It has been an issue every year getting mom to bring in an inhaler to keep here at school. This year has been no different. She was coming down to see me daily, wheezing and saying she still hadn't brought the inhaler. I was calling mom, getting frustrated because mom would say she would bring it tomorrow, just has to pick it up at the pharmacy, etc. This went on for weeks. Meanwhile, kid was coming to me with random somatic complaints as well. So last week she came to see me wheezing, with an empty inhaler. I told her I could not help her and after assessing her and making sure she was stable, told her to go back to class and get some work to bring down while she waits, and I would call her mom to bring in the inhaler. She came back down and I gave her a pencil to do her work. Mom is unavailable. She is not wheezing at all anymore so I send her back up. I let her keep my pencil. Profanities appear on the wall in the stairwell and her inhaler is found nearby. She denies it was her and says I got my pencil back. Lots of back and forth. She finally admits it. The whole situation was a mess. I never do get an inhaler for her... Anyway, come to find out that her mother had twins two months ago and one of the twins passed away. The other is still in the NICU. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS. I am beyond pissed that no one thought it was important to share this information with either the nurse or the guidance counselor. So much of her recent behaviors and visits now make sense to me. The only reason I found out is because the MUSIC teacher sent an email to everyone that said "as everyone knows, ______ recently lost a baby sister, blah blah blah and was tooting her own horn about writing a song with the kid about the baby and wanted to make sure we all knew that. I am sure many of you have been left out of critical information before. I just feel like if I had knows, I would have responded very differently to mom not getting the inhaler and might have been able to plug her into resources, etc.