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MHDNURSE has 21 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Pediatrics, Community, and School Health.

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    Any Massachusetts nurses know their district's plan yet?

    The latest in my home district is either a hybrid or full virtual. Both plans were shared by our SI yesterday. I don't love that they are looking at several 1/2 days/week per cohort, vs. only one group of kids in the building per day. Our SI straight up said there is no way to do 6 ft so they will do 3 ft distancing and are "working on" ventilation issues...we shall see. Still no word from the district where I work, though based on survey results, only 48% would send their kids back for in-person, so this will be interesting...
  2. Neither the district where I am working, nor the district where my own children attend have any sort of plan yet. I know they are working with DESE and have final deadlines for August but wish we had some idea of what they are thinking. I am not involved in either district's reopening committees.

    So if they open no matter what...

    I hate to say it but if I were I your position, I would not be going back.

    Contract for parents before students return to school

    We have parents sign that they have "read and agree to everything" in the parent handbook that includes much of this type of thing. They definitely sign and do not follow.

    New H.S. Nurse

    1000% this!

    In Memoriam....

    I'm in MA and this story is so sad

    Positivity Posts

    I started a new position in the Fall of 2019 as a School Nurse Case Manager/Care Coordinator.

    SO nervous about upcoming year :(

    I feel like we are very much is the hurry up and wait phase right now. My state (MA) is working on reopening guidelines for K-12. They released reopening guidelines for child care and camps a couple weeks ago and have already made changes to those guidelines. I would try to keep as up to date as possible with your state's guidelines. Does your state have a school nurse's association? Join it if you can and collaborate with the school nurses; many are in your same boat I am sure.

    The fate of camp this Summer

    Yes, both residential and day camps employ RNs to provide care to campers, dispense medications, etc. Many school nurses work at camps in the Summer when schools are not in session.

    Switched schools! Yay!

    Yay for you! Yes, I totally remember and am so glad you got out, LOL. Best of luck in 20-21!

    Summer camp called it

    Our town is likely not holding any camps because they just cannot do everything they need to do to get them up and running. DESE is coming out with their Return to School plan on June 15 and it sounds like it will be very similar mandates to the EEC one that came out on Monday.

    The fate of camp this Summer

    I am scheduled to work at a camp in PA July 11-18. As of right now they are saying they are still opening. I am very curious. The county that the camp is in is Green status as of end of May, so I am assuming it is still a go. Good luck- who kn owe, maybe it's the same camp

    Summer camp called it

    My Kids' overnight camp in New Hampshire called it last evening. Lots of disappointed kids. But I honestly am surprised there were people who thought it was possible to open, considering all of the International staff, 10th grade trip to Israel with a subsequent return to camp, etc., etc.

    The fate of camp this Summer

    This sounds exactly like the NH camp my two kids attend. Israel is currently closed to foreigners so there would have been no place for those kids to be for their 4 week trip. Camp called it yesterday so there are a LOT of devastated kids right now. My own two are thankfully OK about it. I told them weeks ago that it was doubtful it would open, so they were at least prepared for the possibility.

    Good CE websites?

    Our nurse leader just got the school to pay for all 13 of us nurses in the district for a $129 subscription as a "Nurse's Day" gift

    Another job??

    Well you will def find a job!! I am in MA and saw ads on indeed for ICU in Boston paying $5K/week! They are desperate!

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