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MHDNURSE has 21 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Pediatrics, Community, and School Health.

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  1. Have you guys seen this yet? https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/21/us/colorado-school-district-closed-virus-outbreak/index.html

    When parents are barriers to care

    I have a new job in a new school district this year. I am doing case management and essentially managing chronically ill/medically high needs kids and helping coordinate their care, paperwork, IEP/504's, etc. So think along the lines of those families that have so much going on and you get swamped with all the chasing paperwork, calling providers, talking with teachers, etc. I take those kids off the school nurses' plates and manage them instead. So I am realizing how some parents claim to be their child's "biggest advocate" and do everything they can to "fight" for what their kid needs/deserves, yet do everything they can to make getting those services difficult. I have two cases in particular and the mothers are the reason we are having issues in the first place. One mother (who I am convinced has borderline personality disorder with schitzoid tendencies) has made all of these requests for accommodations for her kid. We all meet and she is hostile the entire meeting. I write down all of her demands and call the specialty clinic for his condition to speak with the nurse. The nurse agrees to essentially write a 504 with all accommodations which we can roll into his IEP. So nice of the nurse. So I am thinking great, all set. Nope! Mom gets the 504 from clinic and is upset that it doesn't have all her requested accommodations and tells the clinic they do not have permission to share it with me. Tells me that until they "fix it" we can't have it. The medical component is the only thing standing in the way of a completed IEP for this kid. I told mom that. But at the same time she is fighting with us that we haven't competed the IEP but she is the reason why She asks for all these things but doesn't give us anything in return. Still hasn't brought in a copy of his physical (they are new to our district), still hasn't signed consents for meds at school (but demands he self carry and self administer), etc. ARGH!!!!!! My other case is an overly involved mother of a very complicated little one who is in a school out of district. Our district provides her 1:1 nurse (district policy). Mom and nurse do not get a long very well, but nurse is competent and providing good nursing care. Mom emailing to complain about every little issue, asks for things, etc. I email her back in response to her "urgent" requests and tell her we are still waiting for doctor's orders, still waiting for her to supply a medication list, still waiting for other things...crickets. So she wants us to provide all these things but doesn't turn in any of the things we need to be able to provide safe nursing care for her. I just don't get why these parents are the biggest barriers to their child getting the care they need, yet acting as if we are the ones not doing our part. I know I am preaching to the choir here. Just a vent more than anything.

    Would you break a contract and switch mid-year?

    I would file for some sort of harassment or something (not really harassment but they are definitely bullying you at the very least), then give your notice. They shouldn't be able to charge you a $2000 fee if you are working in an obviously hostile environment and have no support, but that needs to be documented.

    School Wellness Commitees

    Hi, Does your individual school have a wellness committee (vs. a District wellness committee that writes policies)? If so, who leads it and who is on it? Who initiated the committee in the first place? Our district received a grant and as part of this grant the nurses are in charge of starting "School Wellness Committees"- yet another thing the nurses have to "do". The committee has to meet on a regular basis, go through modules, and then report back at the end of the year. Understandably, the nurses are pretty up in arms about it. I am thinking that many schools likely already have something in place that could be renamed "Wellness Committee" . Curious what you have in place at your schools. I feel like there are so many ways to interpret "Wellness", why reinvent the wheel?
  5. Do you guys know that if the nurse isn't going on the field trip, the parent needs to be notified the name of the "trained" person who will be administering the epi (or other delegated meds) and the parent needs to provide written consent that it is OK for the delegate to administer? I had no idea. A check box on the health form at the beginning of the year that says "I authorize the school nurse or other person delegated by the nurse to administer medication to my child" is not acceptable.

    Parents sometimes...

    Student in our school had several seizures this morning, ended up needing Diastat and even then took 10 minutes for seizure to fully stop. EMS took her to ER which happens to be right next door to our school. Mom just called and says "ER just discharged her, can I drop her off for the last 3 hours of school"?!?

    Chicago Nurses?

    Just wondering what is going on with the teacher's strike? Are you guys not getting paid because of the strike? Are you in the teacher's union? What a terrible situation for all involved.
  8. I'm in MA and we had a big Nor'easter last night. My district had to close because almost the entire town is without power. My hometown where my kids go was on a two hour delay. The drive to school was crazy- trees down everywhere, powerlines down, etc. Any other MA folks get hammered last night?

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    Does it have to be nursing related? Could you bartend on the weekends or occasional evenings? Work for a caterer? Not sure where you live, but in my town, babysitters make a killing and it would be cash, under the table. Babysitters in my town make anywhere from $20-25/HR !! My 13 year old son babysits and makes $15/hr, it's insane.

    1st School Nurse Interview

    Always a good sign!! Good luck.

    Interview for school nurse in county

    This thread

    Bad day, Bad year

    Sending major hugs. I am so sorry- you have been through way more than is typical for a school, especially so early in the year Hopefully talking to EAP will be helpful.

    Conference Resources?

    I am looking for nursing conferences for 2020 and am having a hard time finding a list. I would love just a list of nursing conferences listed by date , location and topic and can't find something like this. Any resources?

    FMLA/Maternity Summer? Question!

    My DD's teacher delivered in July and is coming back in December. In my school I had two teachers deliver in June and both are coming back at the end of this month.

    1st School Nurse Interview

    My bet is they want to hear you are a "team player" and excited for this opportunity (which it sounds like you totally are). They want to make sure you aren't cray-cray

    Another lice topic :)

    Any updates? Curious if dad has it under control.