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MHDNURSE has 21 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Pediatrics, Community, and School Health.

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    Summer Summer Summer!

    Beach Beach and more Beach- with a week in Central PA thrown in there while my DD is at camp. I fully plan on disconnecting from anything work related and I cannot wait. It has been a year!

    COVID Testing Fatigue

    Enjoy the week off- you SO deserve it! I still am in awe that you are doing all your own testing- we have an entire team of people and it is still a huge job every week!

    40 days left!!

    65 😭

    Help Type 1 diabetic and lunch

    My 2nd grader with T1D was allowed to eat first and then he came to me with everything he had eaten so I could calculate his insulin. He saved all wrappers and mom would make a list of carb count. I would touch base with mom and ask her what her plan is for lunch and snacks. He had his "diabetes bag" that had his glucagon, 2 mini juice boxes that had 15 g carbs and a peanut butter and crackers pack. It also had all his supplies. That travelled everywhere he went in the building. I made sure to always have updated orders and a diabetes management plan from his endo.

    NBCSN test tomorrow!!

    Yes this exactly!! Really hard to explain but felt very different than what I was prepared for. Maybe a bunch of questions were for beta testing and will get thrown out.

    NBCSN test tomorrow!!

    Nutmegg how did it go??

    NBCSN test tomorrow!!

    Best of luck! I took mine last Thursday and let's just say I felt very well prepared going in and then took it and found it a lot more difficult than expected. Not trying to make you nervous, I am sure you will do great, but I was honestly really surprised at how difficult some of the questions were.
  8. I would with some support. Our district has had students back all school year and I want to see our teachers get vaccinated and feel safer and like they matter. There has been such push to get the kids back to school and seems very little focus on helping the teachers have access to the vaccine. Our state just added teachers to the list beginning on March 11th but they still need to actually FIND an appointment available to be able to get one.

    Contracts for Next SY

    I would take your hourly salary and add it up to reflect the above and take this back to them and tell them you will stay if they will do this. Otherwise I would pack up my belongings and look elsewhere. I cannot think of a single school that isn't hopefully finally realizing all we do as school nurses after the year we have had.

    The Honeymoon That Never Came

    This is my first question to you- I honestly can't believe that this is legal. Did they just say "you get five weeks off per year" but fail to tell you that two are PTO and three are sick leave? Sounds fishy to me. And my second thought is I do not know any nurses who ever said the first couple of years were the honeymoon phase. For the majority of us, the first couple years are the hardest because you are green and do not know anything and are always worried about making the right decisions. I found the honeymoon phase around year three when I started feeing settled and more confident .

    Menstrual changes following vaccine?

    Actually not too bad. I was really nervous as well. I got exhausted about 6 hours after and slept for a couple of hours. Mild headache last night and did not sleep great, but didn't;t feel "sick" and never got a fever. Have been feeling mostly fine today other than a very manageable headache today.

    Menstrual changes following vaccine?

    Interesting b/c I got my second dose yesterday and mine showed up 5 days early a few hours later with terrible cramps.

    If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    I got my second dose of Moderna yesterday morning at 9:00 am so I am 30 hours out. Yesterday around 4:00 pm I suddenly got super tired, like can't keep my eyes open tired and fell asleep for two hours on the couch. Woke up and continued feeling really tired but no other symptoms. Just before 9:30 pm I started having a mild headache and my eyes hurt a bit. Went to bed and woke up a few times hot and sweaty (not totally out of the norm for me) and today have a mildly sore arm and a dull headache. Nothing else. I feel very lucky b/c my husband got his last Thursday and it kicked his butt- fever, rigors, nausea, etc.

    Just Can't Make This Up

    We had a mom show up in person with one of her kids on covid testing day saying "I want to make sure he has covid since the rest of the family has already tested positive". Indeed he did.

    Supervisor Retiring, Now!

    Hopefully they will come up with a plan ahead of time to delegate out the roles and responsibilities like ordering supplies, etc. My guess is they will quickly realize the need to hire a new nurse leader. It is definitely a role I do not envy since the start of this pandemic!
  16. Hello, Our district is looking for a new Director of Nutrition Services and I have been asked to participate as part of the search committee. I would love some input and ideas about what types of questions I should ask from a nursing standpoint. We are an urban district, 3500 students, all get free breakfast and lunch