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    Medical Billing and Coding

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum or overall doesn't belong, but I am looking for any and all help consisting of this subject. I am currently 23 years old with both a CNA and Phlebotomy certificate and an Associate's that I do not use. I am extremely interested in Medical Billing and Coding and moving on from the career/jobs that I am limited to with my certificates. I am starting a family and will have my first child in May, so I want to look into something that will provide stability and a better source of income. The only problem is, I cannot find a way to start this program and there is limited information online. I do not live in an area where a community college offers this, so I am curious if there is anyone who has studied/received a certificate/degree online and has found a job in the field? Thank you in advance and I hope my questions weren't too all over the place!
  2. Hello everyone! I've been searching the internet high-and-low for both flexible ADN degree programs and others input on how hard nursing school is/how hard it will be with a child. I am a first time mom, so I am completely unaware and in for a total surprise when the baby comes. My baby is expected to make it's appearance mid-May, which leaves roughly 2.5 months of time with him/her before the program starts. This is a 2-year program, so the baby will be a little over two by the time I finish my degree. I face the dilemma of not wanting to miss his/her first milestones and be unable to dedicate my attention to help shape them into the little human they are/will be. Are there any hybrid ADN entry-level nursing program available in the state of Michigan? Should I wait an extra year and soak up time with my baby before going through a rigorous program or should I do it while he/she is young and have a better time frame to study? Thank you all in advance.