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  1. CX_EDRN

    Safe Nursing a thing of the past?

    I'm going to have to agree with what's already been said. As an ED nurse, we truly get a bad rap for literally everything (including what's not in our control) and while it can definitely be frustrating for patients and their families sometimes you don't get the care you want. Sometimes I don't have time to sit down and discuss things, much less pee. What were her symptoms? What is the recent medical history you referenced? Because as an ED nurse, what you (general you) think is relevant often isn't. I think the take away here is yes, it is awful to wait in the ED for 8 hours but that's just reality sometimes. It sucks but that's what it is. Also, thankfully, she wasn't having a stroke so I am not sure why you seem to be upset about not getting an incredibly expensive stroke work up? Unless I am misinterpreting your post. You never want to be the one we're rushing back. Ever. I have no idea what went down during your mom's stay. I know that at any of the five EDs I currently work as float pool, there is no way she would not have had an assessment by someone, much less not having separate ones by the MD and the RN. If that's true, that is alarming. Now about not getting neuro checks, there are many different ways to assess neuro function and it doesn't sound like your mother warranted a NIHSS or something similar. Also, it does not sound like you were present for this so you are hearing everything second-hand and sometimes things are lost in translation. Also also, our TPA timeline is 4.5 hours. It's definitely regional on the window.
  2. Not surprised at all. Have you ever seen Rose's "VIP" floor? Good grief. Private chefs that make fresh made chocolate chip cookies every few hours. Rose (and HCA as an entity) has no monetary incentive to keep those two practices open but I'm still surprised they're doing it. Probably shouldn't be though.
  3. CX_EDRN

    Should I be asked to get consent without the doctor?

    I can only speak for where I live (not Texas), but we don't consent anyone. I can be a witness to consent, but the MD has to actually consent the patient. If I was asked to consent someone I think I would literally laugh in their face. Not my job! Luckily it's never been an issue.
  4. CX_EDRN

    Infusion Interoperability

    I've had interop for several years and yes, I love it. I think it dramatically decreases the risk for errors, but like anything else has its own inherent risks. Every single drug given in the entire hospital system is in the "library" so there is no manually entering at all. If a new drug is introduced, pharmacy adds it to the library ASAP so we don't have to manually enter it. I've heard OG RNs complain about it, about how we don't calculate anything anymore, but 1) I always double check the math before starting something (especially with peds patients) and 2) there are some RNs I know who I wouldn't necessarily trust to calculate on their own anyway. Sad but true. When we went to interop there were definitely hiccups. Mainly in the guardrails for drugs as different departments used drugs for different effects, etc. Very rarely do I override the guardrails and when I do it definitely gives me pause. Really our biggest hiccup was the barcodes we used to scan, when the pumps were being cleaned it was fading them very quickly and there were constantly errors forcing us the manually enter everything anyway. They finally figured that one out after a few frustrating months!
  5. CX_EDRN

    Colorado FNP School Grads

    I currently attend one of those programs and know people that have graduated from both. There's really only one big difference between the schools and it's up to you which works better for you. UCCS is all online while Regis requires you to be in class at least one day a week. Both are respected programs and both have successful graduates. :)
  6. CX_EDRN

    University of South Alabama Spring 2019

    If there's a FB page, can someone post a link? I have a deactivated FB that I won't reactivate but I will create a new one for the school page. So it will look like a fake profile but I promise I'm real!
  7. CX_EDRN

    University of South Alabama Spring 2019

    I just received my acceptance email!!! So excited! Good luck to everyone else. :)
  8. CX_EDRN

    How/where did you get your CEN?

    CEN is only offered through the BCEN, you can go to their website for more information. You take the actual exam at a Pearson Vue testing center which you can schedule after you pay for the exam. It's been awhile but I think you have to schedule within a certain time frame after you've paid, maybe 90 days? Good luck!
  9. CX_EDRN

    Moving to Colorado Spings!?

    Per diem staff is lower than per diem float. Of course everything depends on the system and there are a few big systems and only two independents that I can think of in the big metro areas. In Denver, as staff per diem you can expect mid-30s with 3 years and low to mid 40s as float per diem. But again, it varies with the system and each has its advantages/disadvantages which are my personal opinions and wouldn't post online.
  10. CX_EDRN

    Moving to Colorado Spings!?

    Yeah, you'll definitely make more as a float nurse in Denver but the cost of living isn't that much lower in the Springs depending on where you are. I would not expect you to get $35/hr with 3 years experience but I could be wrong. I hope I am for your sake. :) Memorial is UCHealth and they are known to pay a little more and they also recently got their Trauma 1 designation. Colorado is notorious for underpaying its nurses, especially considering the cost of living in the urban areas.
  11. CX_EDRN

    banana bag question

    We run it on regular pump tubing.
  12. CX_EDRN

    New Nurse - Any recap on comfortable shoes??

    I can't stand Danskos, my sister was being sweet and bought me a pair for Christmas so I felt like I had to try them. Well, once was enough because I almost fell out of them and face planted while running to respond to a code in the parking lot. Ha. Wear whatever is comfortable, I personally wear sneakers with good insoles in them. I have worn Adidas Superstars since I was in middle school so I have just continued to wear them for work. I buy a new pair in a different color whenever they need replacing and they live in my garage. I get a lot of comments on them and wiping off blood and other body fluids is pretty easy, which is definitely a bonus.
  13. CX_EDRN


    Qualified or not, are you applying for other jobs? I would definitely apply because experience is experience in non-specialty areas. Do you like NICU, etc when you float there? Why not talk to the managers of the other units and see about either getting cross trained or hired on with them permanently? I know you said you want to leave your hospital but you have connections you can use to make yourself more marketable in the future. Put in a year or two on another unit and then leave if you still want to get away. As far as surgery centers, around here you are golden with ED or PACU experience so they may want that where you are too. Being miserable at work is no way to live so I hope you can find something else soon.
  14. CX_EDRN

    Anyone Knowledgeable Here About Medicare/Insurance?

    That's the first thing I thought as I read your post. You sound like you have a lovely heart and while this patient does need a higher level of care, she is also going to continue doing what she's doing until someone puts their foot down and says no. She has options- trying to reconcile a relationship, selling assets, etc and yet she does none of that. Why? Because she is fine with things the way they are. It must be incredibly hard to lose your independence but you also can't burn out everyone around you in order to keep it. Change your assignment. You have done all you can for this lady, probably more than others would have done.
  15. CX_EDRN

    Med/Surg New Grad

    Honestly, I would be more worried that they are giving a new grad a 10k sign on bonus... That would be a bigger red flag for me. Unless I am reading that wrong? As to your actual question, I think there is merit to med surg and that you can learn a lot about time management and prioritization on the floor. Everything is what you make of it and unit culture has a lot to do with it... which brings me back to the sign on bonus for a new grad and makes me wonder why they would have to do that.