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  1. I'm working as an LVN right now in CA, while waiting for the result of my application to NY-BON. Then once I secured an RN License. Will try to apply for federal jobs. You guys have any idea how it is to get in to VA system or BOP?
  2. osis

    LVN 30 unit option/ Concurrency issue

    They told me to submit ATI TEAS and my TOR from nursing school. Attend they info session so you can ask them. Here’s their website: http://dhs.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dhs/CONAH/schoolofnursing/ProspectiveStudents/ApplicationProcedure
  3. osis

    LVN 30 unit option/ Concurrency issue

    Are you from LA? LA County allied school of health told me I can enroll to the 30 unit option with no pre-reqs needed.
  4. osis

    Looking for schools after CA BRN denied.

    any update on this? I was recently denied eligibility by CA-BRN and I'm thinking of doing the LVN-RN bridge.
  5. Hi all, Recently I got my denial letter from BRN asking me to repeat the whole nursing program. I have my BSN in the Philippines but according to CA-BRN I'm still required to repeat my nursing education. Anyone here who has the same experience? or any advise on what to do ? thank you so much!
  6. osis

    LVN no experience

    Hey I’m on same situation as you. I am also an RN in Phils. been in the US for 3 years. Currently working as an LVN while my NCLEX-RN is on process. My first job as an LVN was a charge nurse in a facility. I only lasted 3 weeks and I resigned Right now working in LA-County Hospital for about a year and satisfied about my job.
  7. osis

    Lvn-rn 30 unit option CA

    any update on this?
  8. osis

    Easiest state to apply for IEN's

    I’m trying to find my clinical cases that the CA-BRN Is asking, how about you? Which state are you endorsing from?
  9. osis

    Easiest state to apply for IEN's

    I am thinking of applying to other state but from what I read when you endorsed the license to CA they will again ask you for the clinical cases .
  10. osis

    Easiest state to apply for IEN's

    I did and they don’t have copies of my cases so I’m thinking of other ways to get my RN license. I’m thinking of doing the LVN 30 unit option. I am really desperate right now.
  11. osis


    2 days a week for 24 months?? Cause I'm thinking of applying with them and at the same time I still want to continue working. Is this possible??
  12. osis


    Thanks for the quick reply, i’m interested with the LVN TO RN for now , will that take 24 months too?? Thanks again
  13. osis


    How often do you have to be at school and how long is the program?
  14. I'm a foreign educated nurse from the Philippines and I'm just wondering which state is easiest/ fastest in terms of RN application for IEN's. I live in CA and working as an LVN now. I tried applying for CA-BON and they requested copies of my clinical cases and I can't provide them so I'm kind of stuck with the application. So I am looking for other options to get my RN license, either by moving to other state or taking an LVN-RN bridge program. Any advice???
  15. hey guys, I'm on the same boat. Recently applied to CA-BRN but I can provide copies of my cases so I'm stuck with the application. Im on the point of considering applying to other states or just taking an LVN-RN bridge program. Any update on your status??
  16. I would only assume that this is not in CA, cause CGFNS is not a requirement for CA BRN.

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