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  1. tamarae1

    Vision and Hearing Screenings!

    Like the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener.
  2. tamarae1

    Vision and Hearing Screenings!

    Find the policy on a functional vision screen and submit that if you don't have time to have them learn their letters. I'd ask the pre-k teachers to start having kids recognize the HTOV letters from the first of the year so they could be screened with more confidence by matching what I point to to the card I have them hold. Automated screeners are amazing if you have access to them.
  3. tamarae1

    SMART goals for student learning

    Poison control, heart health (goes with nutrition and exercise), Importance of drinking water, tooth brushing/dental hygiene, body hygiene (bathing, grooming - always wash your hair, use soap, rinse thoroughly) Stranger danger
  4. tamarae1

    Best treatment for...

    Cold water, dry, apply Carmex. Takes the burn right out :)
  5. tamarae1

    Tissue thief!

    Its for their kids anyway, they should share!
  6. tamarae1

    Student Body Odor

    I would let her know that others can smell her and it is sometimes unpleasant - most kids know what you're going to say when they get dragged in for the hygiene talk. I'd also ask a few questions regarding home life: Do you have water at home? Washer? Soap for the machine? Do you know how to use it? Do you have pets at home? How many? That sort of thing. I've had several students with no power or water and that's why they were always dirty.
  7. tamarae1

    Let me give you a mint for asthma

    I would be happy to pull and print my documentation and leave it with the principal for the parent to come pick up.
  8. tamarae1

    Type 1 diabetics, help!

    Do what her doctor's orders call for.
  9. tamarae1

    Notarization Question

    I've never had a notary charge me before. The reasons of conscience form is free - anyone can download one. It's the signatures - if the doc has to sign off on it, some doctors offices will charge a flat fee for paperwork outside of an appointment.
  10. tamarae1

    IEP/504 Help!

    IEP - Individual education plan. Because the student is not learning to grade level and needs individualized help in order to pass and catch up. 504 - the student is needing supports from school but not necessarily educationally based (like medical from nurse, or counseling from counselor or LSSP or whatever, ST, OT, PT, you get the idea) Any time you have a student that you see fairly often and they have an IEP or 504 in place, a nursing care plan needs to be drawn up. This is the IHP - Individualized health plan. One for each diagnosis the student carries and needs nursing care for. Example: ADHD, Emotional Disturbance, Anxiety or Diabetes, Seizures, Encopresis, etc. Essentially it is like writing a care plan if in the hospital (back before computers generated them). Good luck! I wrote all of mine last week. Nearly 40 of them. Every one of my students has an IEP and several diagnoses that we work with.
  11. tamarae1

    Teachers ??

    Depends on the day, and the teacher.
  12. tamarae1

    First day back for students and already

    At least mom included the Keppra. LOL I know its not funny, but yeah - its typical that's for sure!
  13. tamarae1

    Who is back already?

    I'm here. Been back for a week, the kids start Wednesday! Year number 3 1/2 :)
  14. tamarae1

    C'Mon Now!

    I made that comment under my breath one time. I got in trouble.
  15. tamarae1

    C'Mon Now!

    I made the cold comment one time and got in trouble...
  16. tamarae1

    I did something wrong. Help!

    I could be wrong, but isn't the person who diagnoses the one who reports to the health department? If you were the first one to assess and suspect then you would be the one to contact the health dept with a suspect case, and then the health dept would follow up with the parent/child and doctor for confirmed diagnosis. Right then and there I would be calling my supervisor and the administration of the building, with answers prepared. Nurses don't diagnose. (Unless you are advanced practice) However, back to protocol - I'm going to ask questions so that you can learn (and I'd have to look them up in my own setting if it happened, too, and make phone calls) what do you do when someone does test positive and has been exposing people in your school? How do you notify so that those who are not vaccinated for whatever reason can be monitored and excluded appropriately to keep the rest of the population safe. Always use everything as a positive learning experience, every day. Try not to panic and keep your head high. I wish you the best, my school friend. :)